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Webinar: How to Build Effective Employee Development Plans

How to Build Effective Employee Development Plans
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How to Build Effective Employee Development Plans
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Join Lab Manager and our panel of experts as we discuss the value of employee development plans.

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Individual development is a key component of employee engagement and success. However, development plans are often a neglected part of the annual review process, given little thought after the performance review and the annual objectives dominate our time and attention. All too often, development plans are used to correct perceived deficiencies and neither the manager or the employee care much about them or give them much attention. To really turn development plans into a useful and beneficial activity, they need equal attention with the other elements of performance management, and should focus on strengths rather than weaknesses. Focusing on strengths creates much better engagement with staff and success drives excellence in performance.

In this presentation, you can expect to learn:

  • How to focus development plans on strengths
  • How to build development plans that are more likely to be completed
  • How to use different kinds of development plans for individual growth, promotions, correcting poor performance, and succession