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Institute for Laboratory Automation Opens Membership

The organization hopes to advance the practice of lab automation and develop the field of laboratory automation engineering as it is applied to all scientific/laboratory work.

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The Institute for Laboratory Automation is now accepting members.

Joe Liscouski, executive director of the institute, said building a membership will help lab professionals implement lab automation solutions in their labs:

“Lab automation technologies can transform lab work. Before we can reap those benefits, we have to transform the way people approach lab automation,” he said in a statement. “That is what this organization (ILA) is about: helping people learn how to plan, implement, evaluate and use the products and technologies available to them.”

He added:

“We have opened the Institute to membership in order to form a community of scientists, information technology specialists, vendors, consultants, developers, robotics’ specialists, etc., all working to apply automation technologies to their work.”

Liscouski said that, as an organization, the purpose of membership in the ILA is to bring these various people together so they can:

  • Understand each others' perspectives, forming effective teams
  • Devise cross-disciplinary methodologies to get work done
  • Discuss products, their improvement & application
  • Develop educational programs at the university level and continuing education for those already employed or looking to improve their backgrounds

That community will also help the institute turn lab automation into a successful pursuit – addressing laboratory systems integration issues – and realize the productivity and efficiency gains that are needed in modern laboratories in all industries.

For more information visit: and click on “Memberships

To join, please visit:

About the Institute of Lab Automation:

The Institute for Laboratory Automation is an organization focused on education and research into laboratory automation. Based in Groton, Massachusetts, the Institute focuses on supporting the laboratory automation community through education, conferences and standards. For more information, contact Joe Liscouski at: