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Integrated Vacuum Controller from BrandTech Scientific

Learn more about the VACUUBRAND® CVC 3000E C3 Integrated Vacuum Controller.

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The VACUUBRAND® CVC 3000E C3 Integrated Vacuum Controller combines a sophisticated vacuum controller with chemistry solenoid valve and check valve for a stand-alone unit suitable for use with virtually any lab vacuum source or application.

The CVC 3000 controller features an integrated corrosion resistant capacitive transducer allowing control from atmosphere to 0.1 mbar/Torr/hPa in your choice of units. Digital and analog displays provide both precise readings and trend indication. Several different control modes are available, including the option to program up to ten multi-step routines for degassing, evaporation of solvent mixtures and other compound procedures. A bi-directional RS232 port allows process validation, or remote controlling of all parameters.

An integrated check valve helps protect the application from fluctuations in the vacuum source, and potential cross-contamination.

An optional VACUU*BUS “plug-and-play” external corrosion resistant Pirani transducer can extend the control range to 10-3 mbar/Torr/hPa. Other optional VACUU*BUS components include external vent valves, cooling water valves and more. Purchase through laboratory dealers.