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MaryBeth DiDonna

MaryBeth DiDonna is managing editor, events for Lab Manager. She organizes and moderates the webinars and virtual conferences for Lab Manager as well as other LMG brands, enabling industry...

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Lab Design News is now your premiere source for information related to the design, construction, and operation of laboratory facilities. As a proud brand of LabX Media Group, Lab Design News is geared toward lab managers and leaders, architects, engineers, lab planners, consultants, lab equipment and furniture suppliers and manufacturers, and all those who are involved in new lab builds and renovated facilities. Lab Design News will cover all aspects of the lab design industry, from the first brainstorming sessions about a lab project, to the initial kickoff meetings, groundbreaking, construction process, accommodations for new or existing equipment, HVAC and fume hood system build-outs, furniture and casework selection, all the way to the ribbon-cutting. 

As part of this exciting new project, lab design-related content from Lab Manager will soon migrate to the Lab Design News website. This means that Lab Design News will offer a singular newsletter in order to fully focus on lab design content for our audience, and Lab Manager will no longer offer a lab design newsletter. Make sure you sign up for this free newsletter today at so you don't miss out!

Some of the topics that Lab Design News covers includes sustainable design features, virtual technology such as BIM, specialty labs (cleanrooms, academic labs, biopharma labs, etc.), and the future of lab design. You can also read more about the newest lab builds across the globe, and new hires at major architectural and design firms. Lab Design News will also host webinars and virtual events throughout the year, focused on topics of relevance to the community. Subscribe to our free newsletter to stay up to date on this information, and reach out if you have a suggestion for what we should cover next. You can also follow Lab Design News on LinkedIn for the latest updates

We will also provide the latest updates about our Lab Design Conference, with information about our speakers, exclusive behind-the-scenes lab tours, and the socialization/networking opportunities available at this unique industry event. The 22nd annual Lab Design Conference will be held on May 16-17 in San Diego, with lab tours available on May 18. Visit to learn more about this event and register for your ticket.

Finally, Lab Design News is happy to discuss editorial contributions from those in the lab design community! Email managing editor MaryBeth DiDonna at We look forward to hearing from you!