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Lab Design News Re-launches Website, Invites Contributors

Gain valuable insight into the design, construction, and operation of laboratory facilities

MaryBeth DiDonna

MaryBeth DiDonna is managing editor, events for Lab Manager. She organizes and moderates the webinars and virtual conferences for Lab Manager as well as other LMG brands, enabling industry...

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Following the 2022 acquisition of the Lab Design Conference, LabX Media Group is proud to support the newly redesigned Lab Design News. This addition to the LMG portfolio offers insightful and educational content geared toward all those who have a hand in the design, construction, and operation of laboratory facilities—ranging from architects, engineers, lab planners, consultants, lab equipment and furniture suppliers and manufacturers, and more.  

Lab Design News newsletter

Lab Design News will address some of the most pressing topics in the lab design industry, such as the need for flexible labs, common challenges during renovations and retrofits, specialty lab design (including cleanrooms, vivariums, cannabis research labs, pharma, etc.), and sustainable lab design. 

We will also highlight members of the lab design community, where industry experts will discuss their careers, day-to-day activities at their jobs, and their personal interests outside of work. Additionally, we will share news about newly built and renovated labs, as well as in-progress projects, so you can get a look at the latest facilities around the world. Lab Design News will also host webinars and virtual events throughout the year, focused on topics of relevance to the community.

Lab Design News will also continue to support the annual, in-person Lab Design Conference, with information about our speakers, behind-the-scenes lab tours, and networking opportunities. Visit to learn more about this event and register for your ticket.

As part of this exciting new project, lab design-related content from Lab Manager will soon migrate to the Lab Design News website. Additionally, Lab Design News will offer a singular newsletter in order to fully focus on lab design content for our audience, so please be sure to allow to send emails to your inboxes so you can continue to receive this valuable content. 

Finally, Lab Design News welcomes editorial contributions from our community of experts! Whether it's a new employee or lab project you want to highlight, or a topic that's of importance to all lab designers and planners, we want to hear from you! Let us know what you want to write about, or what you would like to see us include in our editorial coverage. Email managing editor MaryBeth DiDonna at We look forward to hearing from you!