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Management Tips

Scientists work in the lab

Three Keys to Balancing Leadership and Management

Leadership and management require different skills and attention


3D render of capsules with DNA strands inside them

A Bright Future for Biotech

Five trends shaping the industry

A collection of silhouettes surrounding a globe

The New Human Pangenome Paves a Path to a More Equitable Society

Recognizing genomic diversity is vital for inclusivity in scientific inquiry

Labs Less Ordinary

Photograph of an elephant

How This On-Site DNA Lab Is Working to Keep Elephants Safe

The Columbus Zoo is innovating veterinary care for elephants at its on-site DNA testing lab

Business Management

Scientists work at a computer in the lab

Adding New Capabilities—When Is It the Right Time?

Technical applicability, staff expertise, and infrastructure support should be considered

Asset Management

Scientist works in a glass-walled laboratory

Getting Started with Data-Driven Asset Management

Decide the scope and platform of an asset management solution with these steps

Leadership and Staffing

Workers discuss a problem in a meeting

Improving Leadership by Understanding Personality Tendencies

Prevent conflict, improve teamwork, and enable belonging in the lab

Two people shake hands

Five Traits to Look For in a Laboratory Staffing Partner

Understanding unique industry challenges, robust screening, and speed are important traits in a staffing service provider

Lab Design and Furnishings

Architect works at a computer

How to Choose the Right Design Partner for Your Next Project

A suitable design firm will demonstrate laboratory expertise and contribute to post-construction work

Lab Health and Safety

Laboratory interior

Useful Industrial Hygiene Tools for Your Lab

How familiar are you with the many IH tools available?

Ask the Expert

Illustration of a cell

Utilizing Primary Cell Lines and 3D Cell Models to Better Represent a Living System

From transformed cell lines to primary cell lines and 3D modeling, there is a cell model for every application

Product Focus

Scientist uses a tablet

Proactive Lab Management with an Environmental Monitoring System

The data afforded by an EMS facilitates more effective lab management

Pipette dispensing droplet into a tube

Slash Sample Preparation Time with Microwave Digestion

Microwave digestion offers increased speed and consistency over other sample prep methods

Scientist pipettes into a microplate

Establishing a Pipette Calibration Schedule

Regular calibration ensures product quality

Scientist works with water samples of varying purities

Simple Steps for More Sustainable Lab Water Purification

Regularly maintaining purifiers is essential to sustainable water purification