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Cover Story |  Volume 19 - Issue 3  |  April 2024

Beyond Guesswork: Forging a Data-Driven Lab

Effective decision are data-driven and aligned with broader goals


Product Focus

Woman drinks from a water bottle

Keeping Water Safe to Drink with UV-Vis Spectrometers

analyzing contaminants in drinking water

Scientist uses a LC-MS system

LC-MS: A Powerful Tool in Unravelling the Mysteries of PFAS

Utilizing precise analytical techniques may offer a potential solution to this persistent problem

Ask the Expert

Scientist carries a bin of biohazardous waste

Preventing Contamination in Your Lab

Two safety experts share tips for minimizing the risk of contaminants leaving the lab


Scientist collects water samples from a stream

Labs Gear Up: Advanced PFAS Detection in Water Meets New Regulations

Explore how laboratories are upgrading their PFAS detection capabilities in water to align with the latest regulatory standards for environmental safety and health

Lab Design and Furnishings

Image of a lab with glass walls

Four Strategies for Creating a More Flexible Lab Design

A few guiding philosophies help labs ensure they can accommodate shifts in tech, generate better results, and respond to evolving needs

Asset Management

Scientist checks the lab inventory

The Ripple Effect of Poor Lab Inventory Management

Transform disarray to order with intelligent inventory management

Vector art of stacks of paper and graphs in a data tunnel

Beyond Guesswork: Forging a Data-Driven Lab

Effective decisions are data-driven and aligned with broader goals

Business Management

Technician troubleshoots a lab instrument

When to Purchase a Service Contract

Before investing in a service contract, assess your equipment, contract options, staff skills, and backup scenarios

Man views metric charts on a laptop

The Balanced Scorecard: How to Use KPIs Effectively

If not implemented properly, KPIs can be gamed by staff

Leadership and Staffing

Scientist checks inventory on a tablet

Improving Lab Productivity with Effective Inventories

Modern inventory applications allow scientists to spend more time doing science

Management Tips

A lab manager shakes hands with a vendor

Three Keys to Building Effective Vendor Relationships

Strong vendor relationships are mutually beneficial and deliver value to the lab