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Illustration of one male and two female scientists surrounded by pills, capsules, and scientific equipment

Cover Story |  Volume 18 - Issue 8  |  October 2023

Solutions to Advance Drug Development

Organ-on-a-chip models show promise to increase the accuracy of drug testing outcomes


Management Tips

Managers discuss numbers in a budget meeting

Three Keys to Managing within a Budget

Understand the decisions and trade-offs of your budget


Drug discovery illustration

Solutions to Advance Drug Development

Organ-on-a-chip models show promise to increase the accuracy of drug testing outcomes

3D render of an RNA strand

Leveraging RNA Sequencing in Pharmaceutical Research

RNA sequencing is transforming drug discovery and paving the way for a new era of targeted therapies

Business Management

Scientists smile at the camera

Improving Operations through Effective Lab Leadership

People are at the core of any organization's success

Scientist holding test tubes

Why Partner with a Biobank? Three Things to Consider

Biobanks offer specialized handling systems, collaboration, and expert guidance

Lab manager does quality assurance work on their laptop

How to Successfully Address Customer Complaints

Building stronger relationships by listening and adapting

Asset Management

Gold coins and a bar chart

How to Begin Building a Capital Plan

Tips for formulating the multi-year capital plan to maximize budget

Leadership and Staffing

Manager leads a staff meeting

Management versus Leadership: How to Excel in Both Roles

A balance between soft and hard skills is necessary to succeed as a lab manager

Lab Design and Furnishings

Interior of a modern lab

Purpose-Built Lab versus Renovation: How to Decide

Five key factors to determine if building a new space or converting an existing one is the right choice for your lab

Lab Health and Safety

Female scientists discuss project in the lab

How Lab Managers and Embedded Safety Professionals Can Collaborate Effectively

The two roles integrate well with many benefits to all involved

Product Focus

Scientist checks on samples in ULT freezer

Effective Cold Storage Management Is Essential for Protecting Valuable Assets

Miscommunication, improper usage, and misunderstanding can compromise valuable materials in cold storage

Laboratory rotary evaporator

Evaporators to Meet the Needs of Pharmaceutical Companies

Evaporators can provide controlled heating to improve drug purity and consistency

Close-ups of a drug imaged with an electron microscope

Cryo-EM in Drug Discovery

Cryo-EM provides new 3D views of therapies and their targets