Lab Manager | Run Your Lab Like a Business

Cover Story |  Volume 3 - Issue 4  |  November/December 2008

Stormy Weather

What does the economic downturn mean for you?


Business Management

Stormy Weather

It is still too early to gauge the exact impact of the world-wide financial meltdown on the laboratory sector. What has emerged thus far is a mixed picture based on industry and type of laboratory.

Efficiency Matters...Now More Than Ever

The work of lab management is changing to keep pace with the demands of the global workplace. By planning ahead and providing true customer service, labs can continue to efficiently operate well into the future.

One Laboratory's Journey Toward Green

ARUP Laboratories' Corporate Responsibility Program has produced impressive results in the areas of recycling, reusing, and reducing, increased employee involvement and enthusiasm, positive client feedback, and community support and recognition.

Knowledge Is Power

Through the measurement of specific key performance metrics (KPMs) on your assets, manufacturers and service providers, it is possible to turn knowledge into purchasing power.

No Lab is an Island Unto Itself

If you run the lab like a seperate island outside the company, you will not be able to demonstrate where the laboratory is adding value to the overall business.

Leadership and Staffing

Hiring Right

To find and hire the best job candidates, lab managers need to employ a formal, deliberative process.

Laboratory Technology

Selecting Makeup Gas for GC with FID

Selecting Makeup Gas for GC with FID

In-house generation promises improved safety, increased convenience and reduced gas costs.

White Papers and Application Notes

Automated Colorimetric Method for Nitrate Analysis

A new method for determining nitrate in aqueous solutions utilizes a non-hazardous reducing agent, thus eliminating hazardous waste and associated disposal costs.

Lab Design and Furnishings

Green Up!

Laboratory managers can play a leading role in implementing improvements in research process and facility management. When coupled with lean thinking, these objectives can become powerful tools for change with an eye toward sustainability.

Product Focus

What to Know When Buying a Water Bath

It comes down to temperature uniformity, stability and control when buying the right water bath for your laboratory.

Lab Health and Safety

Wasting Away in Laboritaville

Smart chemical waste management relies on a written program, accurate characterization of waste and an understanding of accumulation guidelines.

How it Works

How Spectrophotometer Standards Work

The need to verify that an instrument is performing properly and is in calibration is becoming increasingly common for regulatory committees and internal QC procedures. 

The Microvolume Quantitation Solution

Quantifying common biomolecules such as nucleic acids and proteins efficiently without significant loss of sample is a frequent problem encountered in laboratories that regularly perform molecular biology techniques.


Through A Glass, Brightly

Nikon's small world recognizes excellence in photography through the light microscope.