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Lab Manager June 2023 Cover. A speech bubble contains a row of three dimensional emojis, ranging in emotion from in distress to happy.

Cover Story |  Volume 18 - Issue 5  |  June 2023

Strategies to Mitigate Staff Burnout

Empower lab managers to tap into their own resources to cope and thrive at work


Management Tips

Mother and father walking through airport with young daughter

Three Keys to Taking Time Off and Getting Away

Rest and recuperation are vital to ensure high performance

Leadership and Staffing

Set of emoji in speech bubble with sad and happy moods

Strategies to Mitigate Staff Burnout

Empower lab managers to tap into their own resources to cope and thrive at work

Manager writes notes on a whiteboard while employee watches

Knowing versus Doing: How Leaders Can Impact Performance

Encouraging change in employees is not a technical problem—learn how to avoid these four misconceptions around improving performance

Business Management

Lab managers examine KPIs and metrics sheets

Using Key Performance Indicators to Drive Laboratory Performance

KPIs are essential to running an outcome-driven lab

Scientist places a sample on an analytical balance

Is Outsourcing Calibration and Metrology Services Right for You?

Experienced partners can ensure your lab maintains quality and efficiency

Scientist validates lab equipment

Achieving GMP/GLP Compliance through More Efficient Equipment Validation

Streamlining the qualification process results in better business outcomes and increased productivity

Asset Management

Scientists discuss modifying a mass spectrometer

Implementing a Process for Safely Modifying Laboratory Equipment

Safely modifying lab equipment necessitates top-down approval, documentation, reviews, and training

Lab Design and Furnishings

Two scientists work in a lab at the Elm City Bioscience Center.

Inspired Workspaces, Safe Environments: Lab Designs for All Biosafety Levels

Safe lab design begins with meeting the appropriate BSL rating

Lab Health and Safety

Scientific images displayed on a laptop

Top 13 Safety Principles for Healthier Staff

Staff health must be a priority—here are fundamental safety tips to keep in mind


Scientist holding a microplate

ELISA Tests: Beyond Just Antibody Detection

ELISA's versatility, sensibility, and specificity make it an efficient method to detect and quantify biomolecules in different settings

Ask the Expert

Scientist works under a fume hood

Validating the Quality of Antibody Kits

The benefits of antibody kits, what quality control to expect, and how to validate them

Product Focus

3D render of antibodies

Key Considerations in Choosing Antibodies

Antibody choice must consider the application, target, species, and validation methods for the best possible chance of success and reproducibility

Scientist pipettes into a microplate

Advances in Cell Culture for Drug Development

3D clusters and other technologies create more physiological conditions

Scientist pipettes into a microplate

Considerations for Acquiring Custom Kits

A carefully chosen custom kit can serve your lab's needs

3D render of a recombinant antibody

Advancing Precision in Science and Medicine with Recombinant Antibodies

From disease therapy to detection of foodborne pathogens, discover the innovative world of recombinant antibodies