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Meet the Leadership Summit Speaker: Tammy Germini

Learn how high-quality laboratory processes contribute to cost savings at the 2022 Leadership Summit

MaryBeth DiDonna

MaryBeth DiDonna is managing editor, events for Lab Manager. She organizes and moderates the webinars and virtual conferences for Lab Manager as well as other LMG brands, enabling industry...

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As Lab Manager’s 2022 Leadership Summit draws closer, we invite you to get to know the laboratory and management professionals who will be speaking at this exciting event. 

Leadership Summit speaker Tammy Germini, Quest Diagnostics
Tammy Germini
Executive Director, Operations-Health Systems, Quest Diagnostics

Tammy Germini, Executive Director, Operations-Health Systems at Quest Diagnostics, will speak on “Operational Excellence Balanced with Fiscal Responsibility.” Tammy’s presentation will offer valuable, proven strategies to help lab managers incorporate quality metrics with cost savings outcomes, standardization, lean processes, and the laboratory’s partnership with other health systems services. This session will give managers action items to bring ideas back to their labs that will enable them to continuously improve their lab's budget and performance.

Read more about Tammy’s passion for patient care, her favorite dog breed, and what she likes best about professional events such as the Leadership Summit. Register today at for your chance to learn from Tammy’s experience and insight at the 2022 Leadership Summit. 

Q: What made you choose this career? 

A: I chose a laboratory career because I knew it would provide me with an opportunity to contribute to patient care. I’ve always enjoyed science, so it was natural for me to lean towards a career as a scientist. I did not realize at the time that it would allow me to tap into my passion for mentoring as I progressed into management. 

Q: What five words best describe you?  

A: The five words that best describe me are energetic, passionate, open-minded, adventurous, collaborative.

Q: What is the biggest lesson learned in your professional career? 

A: The biggest lesson I’ve learned in my professional career is to exercise self-reflection on a routine basis. I had the privilege of attending a presentation by Cy Wakeman and I truly believe in the philosophy of Reality Based Leadership. Self-reflection allows me to continuously learn and review my effectiveness as a leader.

Q: What is one important skill you think that all leaders should have? 

A: One important trait all leaders should have is to be open-minded. Being open-minded allows a leader to consider other perspectives which is critical to leveraging emotional intelligence.  

Q: What kinds of hobbies or interests do you have outside of your job? 

A: My hobbies include scrapbooking, running, and cuddling with my three golden retrievers.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish in the next few years in your current position? 

A: As the Executive Director for Health Systems Operations for Quest Diagnostics, I have a unique opportunity to contribute to the success of any hospital or health system laboratory across the country. My team offers professional laboratory services and is transforming the way we service hospital and health system partners. As a previous hospital laboratory director, I lived through the challenges of allocating funds to replace equipment, regularly identifying expense savings and staffing challenges. Our health systems team offers a partnership with hospital and health system laboratories where we collectively collaborate for cost containment, laboratory management solutions, and lab stewardship. 

Q: What do you like most about attending/participating in events like the Lab Manager Leadership Summit

A: Hands down, my favorite part of attending events like the Lab Manager Leadership Summit is the networking. I thrive on learning from other laboratorians.