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Navigating Architects, Design Consultants, and Engineering Firms

Designing a new lab can be a daunting task.

by Lab Manager
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Designing a new lab can be a daunting task. From choosing a layout that works for you to more technical considerations, hiring a trusted expert with industry experience can facilitate this time-consuming process while making sure you have everything you need in your lab space.

4 questions to ask when hiring an architect, design consultant, or engineering firm

  1. What previous work has the agency completed? Do any of their past projects match what you are hoping to achieve?
  2. What specifications are you aiming to meet and does the agency have experience with these standards? For example, is the agency familiar with the LEED rating system?
  3. What is your budget for hiring an architect, design consultant, or engineering firm? What services can you obtain within that budget?
  4. Does your institution have designated agencies that it regularly works with? Are you required to use these agencies?

Hire Tip

Most lab architects, designers, and engineers have portfolios of previous projects available on their websites. Before contacting any agencies, browse these portfolios to see if their previous projects match what you are hoping to achieve. After contacting the agencies, ask if you can tour any of their previous facilities or speak with their past clients. Doing your homework before hiring will help save time and money while completing the project.

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