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Optimizing the Analytical Workflow

UV-Vis line looks to make analyses quicker and easier

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METTLER TOLEDO UV/Vis ExcellenceA new spectroscopic instrument line announced last month by METTLER TOLEDO aims to speed things up in the lab. The UV/ VIS Excellence line features FastTrack™ technology, “which ensures speedy and reliable measurements within a compact, notebook-size footprint,” the company stated.

FastTrack comprises modern fiber optics in combination with array detection and a Xenon flash lamp and allows a full spectrum scan to be performed in just one second. Instrument specifications are also compliant with Pharmacopeia regulations and METTLER TOLEDO adds that stray light and accuracy requirements are even exceeded. The system’s robust design ensures measurement stability and contributes to result accuracy and repeatability.

“No warm up time is needed for the Xenon flash lamp to reach stability, so the instrument is always ready to use and its lifetime is greatly increased,” the company said.

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Four models are included in the new UV/VIS Excellence series: UV5, UV7, UV5Bio, and UV5Nano. The UV5 provides simplicity while the UV7 complies with strict EU and US Pharmacopeia requirements and offers advanced automation possibilities. Life science UV/VIS applications based on cuvette measurement suit the UV5Bio best and the UV5Nano only requires 1 uL of sample.

Overall, the new instrument line aims to optimize workflow in users’ labs as spectrum scans, fixed wavelength absorption, quantification with calibration curves, and kinetic analyses are ready to use as direct measurements.

“Simply enter parameters, define the workflow, store as a shortcut, and start the measurement with [the One Click user interface],” METTLER TOLEDO said. “Users also have the option to choose one of the predefined, industry-specific METTLER TOLEDO methods for an immediate start.”

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