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Lab Design Conference

Preparing for Your Next Lab Design, Build Project 

Lab Design Conference provides lab managers with the tools, knowledge, and connections they need to ensure a successful lab renovation or new-build project

MaryBeth DiDonna

MaryBeth DiDonna is managing editor, events for Lab Manager. She organizes and moderates the webinars and virtual conferences for Lab Manager as well as other LMG brands, enabling industry...

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A challenging aspect of working in a lab is knowing when your facility has reached its lifespan. When your research is suffering and your staff members aren’t comfortable, it may be time to consider a new space, or perhaps a minor or even major renovation of your lab. 

Is it time to fully renovate your current lab, build a brand-new facility, or should you make the best of what you have? Are you supposed to start from scratch every time you’re presented with new technology, or can you seamlessly incorporate it into your existing space? If you’re thinking of undertaking a lab construction or renovation process, who’s the first person to call? What questions should you ask to make sure that they’re the right partner to help you? Is it even possible to do this kind of project sustainably while staying within your budget? 

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No matter how many lab design/build projects you’ve previously been involved with, it can be intimidating to start a new one. Arming oneself with knowledge is a good way to gain confidence about your decisions and lead your team to successful results. The Lab Design Conference, taking place on May 19-21 in Phoenix, Arizona, offers the resources you need to assure yourself that you are making the right decisions.  

The event provides a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere for all those involved in the lab design, construction, and renovation process, whether you’re directly involved with building the lab or if you’re an end user. No matter what your experience level may be, there is something for you at this event. The educational sessions will cover a wide variety of labs (pharma, vivarium, academic, corporate, renovations, retrofits, etc.), so you’ll find something representative of your situation. Additionally, several topics are specifically aimed at lab management and leadership and how they can communicate their lab’s needs to project team members:

  • Designing Laboratories to Attract Researchers 
  • Improving Research Space Utilization in the University Environment
  • The Critical Role of Asset Management in New and Renovated Laboratory Design Projects
  • Starting on the Right Path—Avoiding Surprises on a First Lab Build 
  • Design for Flexibility, Collaboration, and Safety in New Sciences Building 

The networking and social sessions offer a friendly, casual opportunity to interact with lots of different people involved in all aspects of lab design/build/renovation, from architects to engineers to vendors and suppliers, so you can make lasting professional connections to help you as you move forward with your project. Hear from other lab leadership personnel as they talk about the lessons learned from their own successful projects. Additional options include an interactive workshop on designing for lab safety, and exclusive behind-the-scenes tours of Phoenix’s most innovative labs. 

Sign up today to learn how to make better financial decisions for your lab project, develop enhanced project management skills, and understand the roles of all those involved in a lab project and how they interact. 

Thanks, and we'll see you in Phoenix!