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Publication-Ready Results with Simple Western

Publication-Ready Results with Simple Western

Solutions to quantitative reproducibility concerns in your Western blot analysis

by Bio-Techne Corporation

Specific detection of proteins is central to biological research. The standard assay for accomplishing this, the Western blot, incorporates molecular weight information and antibody-based detection to provide high-specificity measurements of protein identity and abundance. This traditionally manual workflow suffers from lack of reproducibility, among other challenges. Primary among these challenges is how to analyze and publish Western blot data, which at its core is simply an image of a membrane with chemiluminescent or fluorescent signals while meeting established guidelines for reproducibility and rigor. With modern image analysis software, it is easy and therefore tempting to manipulate Western blot data and images, which can lead to a misrepresentation of the results.

Download this white paper to learn how Simple WesternTM systems empower researchers to publish faster while meeting journal requirements for rigor, reproducibility, and data transparency.