Protein Quantification

Selecting the Right Cell Culture Media

by Angelo DePalma, PhD

Cell culture media fuel modern life sciences research. Whether the objective is cell-based assays, antibody production, or virus replication, the medium is a make-or-break component

How Western Blotting Works

by Bio-Rad Laboratories

Problem: Nearly 40 years after its introduction, western blotting continues to be a powerful method for protein quantitation. Arguably, finding the right antibody to detect the protein of interest is the technique’s most critical and challenging step.

TGX Stain-Free™ Gels

by Bio-Rad Laboratories

Stain-free gel chemistry uses a unique compound, which, when activated, reacts with tryptophan residues in the protein sample to emit a fluorescence signal. This allows the quick visualization of proteins without any staining steps. In addition, stain-free gel chemistry makes it possible to use total protein levels as a loading control rather than the housekeeping proteins used in traditional western blotting protocols. This negates the need to strip and reprobe blots and prevents any attendant errors that can be introduced at this step.