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SANYO Announces VIP® Series Ultra-Low Storage Solution Freezer

SANYO Announces VIP® Series Ultra-Low Storage Solution Freezer With Industry-leading Energy Efficiency at 15.1-kilowatt hours per day.

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Wood Dale, IL- July 13, 2011 – SANYO North America Corporation (SANYO) Biomedical Solutions Division announces a new ultra-low temperature freezer, the MDF-U76VC, which features SANYO’s unique green technology, for the US market. The new freezer features a new and improved heat exchanger and refrigeration system for increased energy savings with increased efficiency, a minimized footprint for high density storage, and a state-of-the-art preservation system using Cool Safe compressors that are specifically designed for low temperature applications. SANYO VIP® Series freezers offer significant benefits through a balance of refrigeration power, cabinet construction and intelligent control of all functions. The new ultra-low temperature freezer is available starting immediately from SANYO representatives.

Joe LaPorte, Senior Product Manager for the Biomedical Solutions Division, commented, “SANYO continues to stay ahead of the curve with energy efficient VIP® Series freezers, developing and improving upon existing technology to maintain product reliability and offer more value to our customers. Not only are the freezers designed to support green initiatives, but they have been designed with lab space in mind, minimizing the footprint while maintaining their industry-leading efficiency.”

Energy efficiency for Greater Energy Savings & Improved System Reliability
The MDF-U76VC freezer offer the industry’s most advanced combination of cabinet design, electronics, and refrigeration. An all new heat exchanger design allows greater energy savings and efficiency. The design maximizes the surface area for heat exchange, provides ideal conditions for optimum heat transfer between the high and low stage, reduces stress on the compressor and increases the efficiency of the refrigeration system.

Based on energy tests with the new heat exchanger in a 25-degree Celsius ambient environment with the freezer cycling at -80-degrees Celsius, the SANYO MDF-U76VC/U56VC demonstrated 32% less energy use throughout a day (15.1-kilowatt hours per day*) compared to the next closest leading competitor. These results demonstrate how SANYO ultralow freezers reduce operational costs through higher volume efficiency, all while also minimizing HVAC loads in facilities and emitting less heat into the laboratory.

Utilizing optimal heat exchange, the system is more efficient, uses less energy and leads to greater overall system reliability.

High Density Storage in Minimized footprint
The new VIP® Series freezer continues the tradition of the series with space-saving design measures. While compact, the freezer uses a combination of multiple high-performance vacuum panels with newly developed high-density foam insulation. This combination achieves a thin-wall profile for maximum interior volume despite its space-saving cabinet size. This thinner wall allows for more usable storage volume in the same square feet of floor space than competitive models.

The cabinet not only minimizes the carbon footprint, but the space-saving design also assists building owners in obtaining LEED certification best practice status.

State-of-the-art Preservation Technology
Using SANYO-designed compressors for high-performance and reliability, the freezer components are carefully selected and matched for optimum operation even in demanding laboratory environments to keep specimens and work preserved. The U76VC freezer features an increased reserved cooling capacity to improve temperature recovery after door openings. The placement of evaporator surfaces within the cabinet walls achieve ultra-low temperature uniformity, allowing valuable cell lines and biological to be placed freely within the interior cabinet.

    Other Standard SANYO Features
  • Reduced noise for close proximity placement in working environments
  • SANYO microprocessor control, alarm and monitoring system with setpoint, alarm parameters and self-diagnostic functions accessible through tamper-resistant keypad
  • Environmentally friendly CFC-refrigerants that comply with the Montreal Protocol and IEC for safety and reliability
  • Ergonomic design to allow one-handed outer and inner door latches
  • RoHS compliant components are used
  • LEED compatibility for facilities exercising more sustainable practices

15.1-kWh/Day determined based on internal performance data

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