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Selective Solid Phase Extraction of Patulin from Fruit Juice Concentrates and Thick Juices Using AFFINIMIP® SPE Patulin

AFFINIMIP® SPE Patulin uses a new class of intelligent polymers based on molecularly imprinted polymers specific to Patulin ensuring extremely clean extracts for an easy quantification by all chromatography techniques.


Patulin could be analyzed on thick juices and fruit juice concentrates with recovery yields higher than 80% after a pectinase treatment (REA-001-50mL) and an efficient and fast SPE clean-up with AFFINIMIP®SPE Patulin.

These new applications demonstrate again that AFFINIMIP® SPE Patulin is a very powerful tool to clean-up samples before Patulin analysis on a broad range of matrices such as apple juice and apple - fruit puree (including baby food), cider, dried apple, etc.