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amino acids

To Make Amino Acids, Just Add Electricity

by Kyushu University
Researchers at the International Institute for Carbon-Neutral Energy Research reported a new process using electricity to drive the efficient synthesis of amino acids

The Recipe for Life

by University of California - Santa Barbara
UCSB researchers find that the amino acid arginine may have played a more important role in the chemical origins of life

Penguin Forensics

by Louisiana State University
Tracking the winter whereabouts of penguins by analyzing tail feathers

Experiments Test How Easy Life Itself Might Be

by University of Wisconsin-Madison
Researchers at the UW–Madison Wisconsin Institute for Discovery are conducting experiments to test the idea that lifelike chemical reactions might develop readily under the right condition

Important Bio-Chemical Produced on a Large Scale by E.coli

by Technical University of Denmark
Using the evolutionary technique ALE, scientists have now engineered E. coli cells into producing large quantities of serine, which is used in detergents, tube feeding formula, and as building blocks for many important chemicals