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bone growth

Why Do Babies Need to Move in the Womb?

by Trinity College Dublin
Some key molecular interactions are stimulated by movement which guide the cells of the embryo to build a robust yet malleable skeleton

A Moldable Scaffold for Bone

by Mary L. Martialay-Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute News Office
Bioactive foam can be molded to skull bone lost to injury, surgery, or birth defect

Chemists Devise Revolutionary 3D Bone-Scanning Technique

by Trinity College Dublin
The chemists attach luminescent compounds to tiny gold structures to form biologically safe ‘nanoagents’ that are attracted to calcium-rich surfaces, which appear when bones crack—even at a micro level

A Bone-Deep Kinship

by Jef Akst
A Neanderthal rib fragment provides conclusive evidence that the ancient hominins were susceptible to a benign bone tumor of modern humans.