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confocal microscopes

Individually Packed Sterile Assay Plates

by Porvair Sciences
Available in a choice of 24-, 96-, and 384-well formats, Krystal (TM) series clear bottom assay plates are widely recognized as industry-leading cell culture tools by many pharma drug discovery and screening labs

New High-Speed 3D Microscope—Scape—Gives Deeper View of Living Things

by Columbia University
Opening new doors for biomedical and neuroscience research, Elizabeth Hillman, associate professor of biomedical engineering at Columbia Engineering and of radiology at Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC), has developed a new microscope that can image living things in 3D at very high speeds. In doing so, she has overcome some of the major hurdles faced by existing technologies, delivering 10 to 100 times faster 3D imaging speeds than laser scanning confocal, two-photon, and light-sheet microscopy.