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Can I Put My Name On A Report I Delegated?

Your boss wants a report on some topic. You delegate to one of your subordinates the task of pulling tothether the material for the report. Instead of just giving you the material you asked for, the subordinate gives you a report that is almost compl

2 Purposes that Separate Delegating from Dumping

It can be difficult to delegate. When it's your reputation on the line, no one is more reliable than yourself. As a manager, you know it's important to become a good delegator. Still, it's challenging to decide which shifts in responsibility will allow your organization to become as successful as possible.

The 10 Essentials of Delegating

You will not be an effective manager unless you learn how to delegate. The question, "Should I be handling this?" must be asked frequently if you are to develop your associates, build a strong team, and avoid being swamped.

How to Delegate Effectively

Delegation is not just telling someone what to do. The team members you delegate to must be able to act fully in your absence. This means letting them think and decide for themselves. Fully empower people to act independently.