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The Firing Line

by Rachel Muenz
No matter what the reason, whether because of an economic downturn or poor work performance, firing someone is never enjoyable. As a manager, even if the firing is deserved, it’s never fun to be responsible for terminating someone’s source of income. It can get emotional, and sometimes there are legal  consequences if the employee is not given enough of a chance to improve before he or she is let go.

Employee Rivalry: Deal with It! 5 Tips for Managing Dueling Staffers

by Barbara Jaurequi
Child Psychiatrist David Levy introduced the term "sibling rivalry" in 1941. Self-explanatory in its terminology, the concept of sibling rivalry is easy to grasp. The mechanism of employee rivalry works essentially the same way, with the employees in a competitive relationship, striving for greater approval from their employer or manager.

Is Your Coworker a Jerk, or Does He Need a Doctor?

by Barbara Jaurequi
Most Americans spend the bulk of their waking hours at work. Some say that Americans’ “best” hours are given to their employers. If workers like their jobs and/or workplace, they can accept that reality without a fight. Yet, when employees find themselves working with really difficult people, life at work can be extra trying or downright exasperating!