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Where Will Big Neuroscience Take Us?

by The Kavli Foundation
We’re entering the era of big neuroscience. In a little over a year, the United States, Europe, Japan and Israel have launched brain research projects with big budgets and bold ambitions. Several other countries are expected to follow suit. But what has propelled neuroscience to the vanguard, and what impact will these initiatives have on the field?

Major Indo-U.S. Advanced Bioenergy Consortium Launches

by Washington University in St. Louis
The government of India’s Department of Biotechnology, Indian corporate leaders and Washington University in St. Louis have invested $2.5 million to launch the Indo-US Advanced Bioenergy Consortium for Second Generation Biofuels (IUABC).

International Collaborations Produce More Influential Science

by Rob Mitchum-Computation Institute News Office
Science is increasingly a global pursuit, with more and more collaborations spanning national and continental boundaries. A new analysis calculating the scientific impact of 1.25 million journal articles finds that papers with authors from multiple countries are cited more often and are more likely to both appear in prestigious journals.

International Team Develops a Longer, Stronger Cotton Fiber

by Texas A&M University
An international collaboration with strong Aggie ties has figured out how to make a longer cotton fiber -- information that a Texas A&M University biologist believes could potentially have a multi-billion-dollar impact on the global cotton industry and help cotton farmers fend off increasing competition from synthetic fibers.

Research Partnership Fosters International Internship Program

by Binghamton University
A decade-long research partnership between Professor of Mechanical Engineering S.B. Park and his research group and Samsung Techwin has taken another step to expand academic opportunities for Binghamton University students at the international level.