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McMaster University

Researchers Map Genomes of Woolly Mammoths, Raising Possibility of Bringing Them Back

by Michelle Donovan-McMaster University News Office
An international team of researchers has sequenced the nearly complete genome of two Siberian woolly mammoths—revealing the most complete picture to date—including new information about the species’ evolutionary history and the conditions that led to its mass extinction at the end of the Ice Age.

How Your Printer Could Help ID Diseases and Food Contaminants

by Michelle Donovan-McMaster University News Office
Consumers are one step closer to benefiting from packaging that could give simple text warnings when food is contaminated with deadly pathogens like E. coli and Salmonella, and patients could soon receive real-time diagnoses of infections such as C. difficile right in their doctors’ offices, saving critical time and trips to the lab.

Could There be a Bright Side to Being Blue?

by Wade Hemsworth-McMaster University News Office
A group of researchers studying the roots of depression has developed a test that leads them closer to the idea that depression may actually be an adaptation meant to help people cope with complex problems such as chronic illnesses or marriage breakups.

Wright Lab Digs for Antibiotics in the Dirt

by McMaster University
In the battle against antibiotic resistant bacteria, McMaster University researchers have found resistance itself is a successful pathway for discovering new antibiotic drugs.