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Metal Organic Framework

Researchers Create New Way to Trap Dangerous Gases

by University of Texas at Dallas
“Potential applications of this finding could include storage and release of hydrogen or natural gas to run your car, or in industrial uses where the frameworks could trap and separate dangerous gases to keep them from entering the atmosphere” 

From Separation to Transformation: Metal-Organic Framework Shows New Talent

by National Institute of Standards and Technology
This gift from science just keeps on giving. Measurements taken at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) show why a material already known to be good at separating components of natural gas also can do something trickier: help convert one chemical to another, a process called catalysis. The discovery is a rare example of a laboratory-made material easily performing a task that biology usually requires a complex series of steps to accomplish.

Engineering at the Atomic Scale

by Will Ferguson - Wake Forest University News Office
Brian Shoemaker is helping a national team of scientists answer a million dollar question. Could a substance that resembles baby powder curb global carbon emissions?