Household Cleaners Are Almost as Dirty as Cars, Study Finds

by University of Colorado Boulder

In the case of one type of pollution—tiny particles that can damage people’s lungs—particle-forming emissions from chemical products are about twice as high as those from the transportation sector

Grant Awarded to Establish Dakota Bioprocessing Consortium

by North Dakota State University
Four universities in North Dakota and South Dakota have been awarded a $6 million grant to establish the Dakota Bioprocessing Consortium, also known as DakotaBioCon, and conduct collaborative research.

Good Titration Practice in Petrochemicals: METTLER TOLEDO Provides Expert Guidance on the Testing of Petrochemicals


The varied uses and products of petrochemicals in our daily lives are only rivaled by the number of quality tests performed on them. Some of the most common analyses are titrations. The comprehensive Good Titration Practice (GTP®) in Petrochemicals webinar from METTLER TOLEDO offers insights into method programming, hardware, and operation of potentiometric and Karl Fischer titrators specifically for petrochemical products.