quantum dots

Machine Learning at the Quantum Lab

by University of Basel

Scientists' machine-learning approach reduces qubit measuring time and the number of measurements by a factor of approximately four in comparison with conventional data acquisition

Quantum Dots Amplify Light with Electrical Pumping

by Los Alamos National Laboratory

A LANL team demonstrates that using their “designer” quantum dots, they can achieve light amplification in a nanocrystal solid with direct-current electrical pumping

Upgrading an Element by Stretching It

by Boise State University

“If we can turn Ge into an optoelectronic material, then other characteristics would make it attractive as a laser material.”

Using Enzymes to Enhance LEDs

by Lehigh University

Group has developed a biological method of producing quantum dots which is cheaper and more environmentally friendly than current methods

Capture Sunlight with Your Window

by Los Alamos National Laboratory

A luminescent solar concentrator is an emerging sunlight harvesting technology that has the potential to disrupt the way we think about energy