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Mammals Can Use Their Intestines to Breathe

by Cell Press
Researchers demonstrate that the delivery of oxygen gas or oxygenated liquid through the rectum provided vital rescue to two mammalian models of respiratory failure

Restoring Aging Genes in Rats

by Society for Neuroscience
Recent study results suggest that addressing FKBP1b deficiency may represent a new avenue for countering age-related memory loss

Research in Rodents Suggests Potential for 'In Body' Muscle Regeneration

by Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
What if repairing large segments of damaged muscle tissue was as simple as mobilizing the body’s stem cells to the site of the injury? New research in mice and rats, conducted at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center’s Institute for Regenerative Medicine, suggests that “in body” regeneration of muscle tissue might be possible by harnessing the body’s natural healing powers.