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Sandia National Laboratories

‘Iron Sun’ is not a Rock Band, but a Key to how Stars Transmit Energy

by Sandia National Laboratories
Working at temperatures matching the interior of the sun, researchers at Sandia National Laboratories’ Z machine have been able to determine experimentally, for the first time in history, iron’s role in inhibiting energy transmission from the center of the sun to near the edge of its radiative band — the section of the solar interior between the sun’s core and outer convection zone.

Breakthrough in Predictions of Pressure-Dependent Combustion Chemical Reactions

by Sandia National Laboratories
Researchers at Sandia and Argonne national laboratories have demonstrated, for the first time, a method to successfully predict pressure-dependent chemical reaction rates. It’s an important breakthrough in combustion and atmospheric chemistry that is expected to benefit auto and engine manufacturers, oil and gas utilities and other industries that employ combustion models.

A Better Prosthesis

by Sandia National Laboratories
Sandia invents sensor to learn about fit; system to make fit better.

Watching Neurons Fire from a Front-Row Seat

by Sandia National Laboratories
They are with us every moment of every day, controlling every action we make, from the breath we breathe to the words we speak, and yet there is still a lot we don’t know about the cells that make up our nervous systems. When things go awry and nerve cells don’t communicate as they should, the consequences can be devastating. Speech can be slurred, muscles stop working on command and memories can be lost forever.