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Atlanta is Alright

In 2011, Pittcon will host its Annual Conference and Expo in Atlanta, Georgia. Since 1997the last time Atlanta hosted Pittconthe citys bioscience industry has been rapidly expanding.

Hidden Treasure

by Bernard B. Tulsi
Driven by the need for greater cost effectiveness and the desire to extract the most value from pricey assets, laboratory managers are converting their unused, excess and replaced equipment into cash.

Who's Going to Pittcon and Why?

The 60-year-old U.S. laboratory science exposition, The Pittsburgh Conference, is fast approaching. With that in mind, last month we conducted a Lab Manager Magazine Pittcon 2010 Attendance Survey in which we asked our readers to weigh in on their ex

U.S. Science Remains Far From Its Rightful Place

by Rush Holt
Rush Holt, a plasma physicist by training, represents New Jerseys 12th Congressional District in the U.S. Congress. Recently, Laura Sanders talked with him about the state of science and science funding in the United States.