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University of Colorado Boulder

Renovation of Lab Space Yields Positive Results

by nora systems
When the University of Colorado decided to renovate Ekeley Sciences Building, the school looked for a floor covering that would meet a variety of performance requirements—durability, stain resistance, comfort and ease of maintenance.

Bright Pulses of Light Could Make Space Veggies More Nutritious

by University of Colorado Boulder
Exposing leafy vegetables grown during spaceflight to a few bright pulses of light daily could increase the amount of eye-protecting nutrients produced by the plants, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Researchers Uncover New Target for Cancer Research

by Other Author
In a new paper released Oct. 24 in Nature, BioFrontiers Institute scientists at the University of Colorado Boulder, Tom Cech and Leslie Leinwand, detailed a new target for anti-cancer drug development that is sitting at the ends of our DNA.