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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Great Lakes Monitoring Gets a Boost

by Clarkson University
Researchers from Clarkson University, SUNY Fredonia & SUNY Oswego Receive $6.5 million from EPA to monitor for contaminants


by Rachel Muenz
Proposed regulations for laboratory cold storage manufacturers could be an issue if deadline extension is not granted.

Predicting Health Risks of Everyday Chemicals

by American Chemical Society
Concern over the safety of everyday household products, such as baby bottles and soaps, has spurred a wide-ranging research effort into predicting the health risks of tens of thousands of chemicals.

Use It Or Lose It

by John K. Borchardt
Laboratories frequently accumulate bottles of old chemicals, often toxic or hazardous, that are no longer used. Laboratory managers can use several strategies to properly reuse or dispose of these chemicals.