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Spectral Surface Mapping™
Capability S2M™
Spectral Surface Mapping
• For the Perfect Vision™ microspectrophotometer line
• Gives CRAIC microspectrometer users the ability to map the spectral variation of surfaces of their samples with microscopic spatial resolution
• Surface profiles can be created using UV-visible-NIR transmission, absorbance, emission, fluorescence and polarization microspectral data
• Can even create maps from Raman microspectral data

CRAIC Technologies

Modular Chromatography System
• Designed for flexible, reliable and intuitive purification of proteins
• Easy to use
• Offers the flexibility to support both routine and challenging purification requirements
• Adaptable to changing research needs
• Enable researchers–from beginners to experts–to easily isolate their target protein, whether under simple or complex conditions

GE Healthcare

ICP-MS Cone Protectors
ConeGuard™ICP-MS Cone Protectors
• Protect threaded ICP-MS interface cones from damaging corrosion
• One of the best ways to clean cones is with dilute acid, but acid can damage cone threads and render the cone useless • ConeGuard protects the thread during the cleaning process
• All users need is one ConeGuard for each type of threaded cone

Glass Expansion

GC-TOF System
AccuTOF GCv|4GGC-TOF System
• Offers even faster data acquisition rates and higher resolving power than its predecessor
• Features a maximum data acquisition rate of 50 spectra per second and a resolving power of 8000
• Makes it possible to acquire high-resolution mass spectra in combination with third party two-dimensional GC (GC×GC)
• Provides sensitivity of S/N >100 at OFN 1 pg/μL



Setting New Standards New LC-Triple Quadrupole
New LC-Triple Quadrupole (LC-TQ) Mass Spectrometers Launched

Early last month, Bruker launched two LC-triple quadrupole (LC-TQ) mass spectrometers–the high-performance EVOQ Qube™ and the ultra-high sensitivity EVOQ Elite–at the 2012 Japan Analytical Scientific Instruments Show (JASIS).

These systems are setting new standards for analytical performance and quantitative robustness. Despite featuring several innovations, however, the EVOQ platform is simple to use.

“Our intention was to make the EVOQ LC-TQ very intuitive to use, whether the users are analyzing pesticides in water using our new Advance UHPLC with on-line extraction (OLE) capability for high volume injections, or quantifying peptides in plasma,” said Bruker’s EVOQ product manager, Jonathan McNally. “Our goal is to allow the user to focus on solving the analytical problem, and not be distracted by the instrument parameter operation.”

He added the EVOQ simplifies MRM-based quantitation with Bruker’s unique Compound Based Scanning (CBS), which makes MRM methods development simple, and MS-MS as easy to use and deploy as single quadrupole mass spectrometry.

The main advances in the new platform include the industry’s first vacuum-insulated probe (VIP) heated electrospray technology, which preserves and ionizes thermally fragile molecules with excellent sensitivity. Novel PACER™ software which enables ‘exception based data-review’, a feature that significantly reduces the error rate for quantitative analysis, was another big innovation unveiled in Japan.

“Our customers need to run more samples, spend less time cleaning and re-tuning instruments, and use software to minimize errors associated with the daily review of thousands of chromatograms,” said Bruker CAM division president Collin D’Silva. “The EVOQ with PACER software delivers significant value to a laboratory whose core focus is providing time-sensitive quantitative data.”

For more information, visit or

10-Micron Chiral Media
Lux Cellulose-1 and 210-Micron Chiral Media Lux Cellulose-1 and 2
• For batch preparative chromatography
• Available both in Axia-packed preparative columns, and in bulk, enabling customers to pack their own columns for the most costeffective purification methods
• Deliver increased efficiencies by enabling the use of shorter columns without compromising results
• Save time and reduce solvent consumption



Ductless Filtered Evidence Drying Cabinets Ductless Filtered Evidence Drying Cabinets

• Provide a secure area for drying wet or bloody items during evidence processing
• Feature seamless polypropylene cabinet construction, locking .375” polycarbonate doors and sturdy case tag hasps
• Automatic safety controller controls the cabinet’s blowers, ensuring constant negative-pressure airflow
• Pre-filtration is used to scrub incoming drying air of particulate

AirClean Systems

Ductless Fume Hoods
Patriot™ Ductless Fume Hoods Patriot

• Incorporate much of the advanced technology of AirClean’s Independence fume hood with the cost effective backbone of AirClean’s AC4000 folding and sliding-sash ductless fume hoods
• Feature the easy-to-use AirSafe™ TOUCH automatic safety controller for added operator safety
• Eliminate the need for costly installation, ductwork and over-built HVAC systems associated with traditional fume hoods

AirClean Systems

Mobile Ductless Fume Hood
Mobile EDUMobile Ductless Fume Hood Mobile EDU

• Suited to classroom demonstrations and industrial training
• Totally self-contained and provides all around visibility
• Easily moved from laboratory to laboratory
• Ductless design allows easy installation and the base is mounted on large heavy duty wheels for ease of transport
• Height of 77.5” allows it to easily pass through a standard door

Air Science

High Performance Centrifuge
Avanti J-26S High Performance Centrifuge Avanti J-26S

• Newly redesigned
• Combines important environmental benefits with increased BioSafety features
• Coupling the J-26S with new 1-liter polypropylene bottles furthers sample security and extends the range of biopharmaceutical and research applications
• Provides high speed, low heat output, imbalance tolerance and low noise, and a range of ever-expanding separations capabilities

Beckman Coulter

Fixed-Speed Pumps
Masterflex® B/T®

• Provide high flow rates and rugged dependabilityFixed-Speed Pumps Masterflex® B/T®
• Powerful motors make these pumps a good fit for transferring viscous or shear-sensitive materials
• Now offer flow rates up to 42 LPM (11.1 GPM) when used with B/T pump tubing
• Ensure a long service life with minimal maintenance
• Feature 746 W (1 hp) reversible motor


High Energy Pulser

High Energy Pulser• New fast, low-impedance high energy pulser is 19” rack mountable
• Ideally suited for a variety of atmospheric plasma applications
• Incorporates magnetic pulse compression that provides 17 ns rise times and a pulse rate of 8 kHz with the ability to generate up to 50 mJ per pulse at voltages to 50 kV

Diversified Technologies

Extreme High Resolution SEM

Extreme High Resolution SEM Verios™• Provides the sub-nanometer resolution and enhanced contrast needed for precise measurements on beam-sensitive materials
• Enables important new insights by extending sub-nanometer imaging and characterization to novel materials being developed today
• Allows researchers to capture the high resolution, high contrast images required, without the need to transition to TEM or other imaging techniques


Oil Evaporator

Oil Evaporator AQUACOUNTER EV-2000L• Utilizes azeotropic distillation and completely separates water from sample matrices, thus eliminating any side reactions with interfering substances
• Especially useful for determining moisture in difficult samples such as heavy oils, grease, peanut butter, etc.
• CE approved and can be used with the AQUACOUNTER KF titrators, or any other manufacturer’s titrators


Glove Dispensing System

Glove Dispensing System SmartPULL• Designed for STERLING and LAVENDER Nitrile branded exam gloves
• Reduces waste from dropped gloves.
• Features two separate openings on the box. The first, smaller opening is used when the box is full to reduce multiple dispensing, while the second, larger opening allows for easier access to the gloves


Vacuum Pump System
Model SC950

Vacuum Pump System Model SC950• Features a high 50 l/min pumping capacity and a deep 1.5 Torr end vacuum
• Enables a shorter processing time with a wide range of solvents
• User-friendly wireless remote control enables the system to be operated within a fume hood with the sash closed for added safety benefits and energy savings

KNF Neuberger

Vacuum Concentrators
CentriVap® Complete

• Uses a combination of centrifugal force, vacuum and heat to speed evaporation
• Includes concentrator and a -50° C cold trap to help protect the vacuum pump from corrosive effects of vapors and fumes
• Also features an aluminum rotor that holds up to 40 microcentrifuge tubes and 108 each 12-13 mm tubes


Storage System
Storage Wall®

Storage System Storage Wall®• Now includes a new tambour door with a double wall foam-filled aluminum slat design that increases door strength
• New aluminum slat design decreases door weight and makes it easy for operators to open and close the door
• Modular drawer, shelf, and roll-out tray storage system provides optimum security, productivity and flexibility

Lista International

Sub-Boiling Distillation System

Sub-Boiling Distillation System DuoPUR• Allows laboratories to make their own high purity acids from reagent grade acids
• Increases the purity of the samples users are analyzing while reducing overall lab costs
• Sub-boiling distillation technique prevents the formation of aerosol or droplets
• Most labs see a 90% cost savings by producing their own ultra-pure acids


100mL Pressure Reactors
EM20-100-HC and EM60-100-HC

100mL Pressure Reactors EM20-100-HC and EM60-100-HC• Designed for use with the EasyMax® synthesis workstation, which enables the development of robust chemical processes at lab scale
• Expand the use of EasyMax® to both organic chemists who seek an autoclave-like experience and chemical engineers who desire high-pressure process characterization
• Can be easily switched for the 50mL pressure reactor


Benchtop pH/Conductivity Meters
FiveEasy™ Plus

Benchtop pH/Conductivity Meters FiveEasy™ Plus• Line features two new meters and a new pH sensor
• pH FEP20 is a benchtop pH meter featuring three-point calibration
• Conductivity FEP30 is an ergonomic benchtop meter for conductivity measurements
• pH sensor LE408 is a robust, plastic pH sensor with refillable, liquid electrolyte that is suitable for simple applications


Ductless Economy Chemical Workstation

Ductless Economy Chemical Workstation FE-2620• Provides a high level of operator protection while performing routine laboratory manipulations with liquid chemicals or powders
• Eliminates excessive installation costs and allows for flexibility in laboratory design
• Can easily be positioned over a laboratory sink, or placed directly on a laboratory counter or benchtop
• Designed to provide 360-degree visibility

Mystaire Misonix

75 Liter Refrigerated Circulating Bath

75 Liter Refrigerated Circulating Bath• Designed to replicate the temperature fluctuations associated with beverage packaging, transportation, and storage
• Features a -20° to +100°C working temperature range, ±0.005°C temperature stability, and 1.8 cu.ft reservoir
• Performance Programmable touch-screen temperature controller displays temperature to 1/1000th of a degree and allows an endless array of thermal cycling options and programs


Automated Multi-Sample Homogenizing System

Automated Multi-Sample Homogenizing System DPS-20• Simplifies sample preparation by combining mechanical and ultrasonic (sonication) homogenizing and sonication into an automated, closed compact and timesaving unit
• Allows the use of each homogenizing method dependently or independently of each other
• Allows for repeat processing and consistent results
• Carousel racks can accommodate a variety of tubes from 1.5 to 50ml

PRO Scientific

Paddle Blender
Stomacher® 80 microBiomaster

Paddle Blender Stomacher® 80 microBiomaster• Provides small tissue processing solutions for clinical and life science microbiology
• Capable of processing samples from 250μl to 80ml
• Boasts 5000 fold improvement in cell recovery and viability from traditional methods
• Features diluent free sample processing
• Offers adjustable processing time and paddle speed


Changeover Manifold
913 Series

Changeover Manifold 913 Series• Provides the benefits of many higher cost models at an economical cost
• Constructed of high purity components, these changeovers are suitable for use in both high purity and general purpose applications
• Housed in a NEMA4X box and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations
• An optional alarm module powered by the base unit is available


Benchtop Lab Scale Mixer
SSLM Series

Benchtop Lab Scale Mixer SSLM Series• Features a stainless steel 1/2 HP lube-free air motor that operates at speeds to 2000 RPM and can accommodate vessels up to 18” dia.
• Offers adjustable stand with a choice of impellers and accessories to meet exact user requirements
• Safe to use with solvents and flammable materials

Sharpe Mixers

Multivariable Mass Vortex Flow Meter
InnovaMass® 240

Multivariable Mass Vortex Flow Meter InnovaMass® 240• New cryogenic version provides advanced, more reliable measurement of liquefied gases down to -330°F (-200°C)
• Contains no moving parts that will wear out or require service
• Can be loop powered with power in, a programmable analog output and a HART or MODBUS signal riding on the same two wires

Sierra Instruments

Macro Imaging System

Macro Imaging System SprintPic™• Makes it effortless to capture great images, increasing efficiency and saving photography time
• Includes a scientific grade digital camera with a softwarecontrolled motorized zoom lens on a lighted copy stand
• Preconfigured and ready to use so users can get up and running quickly
• A large number of zoom levels accommodates a wide range of samples

SPOT Imaging Solutions

Flow Liquid Liquid Extraction Module

Flow Liquid Liquid Extraction Module Asia FLLEX• Suited to the preparation of samples prior to analysis, further synthetic steps or purification
• Offers continuous mixing of organic product streams with an aqueous phase, followed by rapid diffusion and subsequent phase separation into the constituent parts
• Allows aqueous work-up to be integrated immediately after synthesis to provide cleaner reactions with fewer impurities


Digital Chilling/Heating Dry Bath
EchoTherm™ Model IC22XT

Digital Chilling/Heating Dry Bath EchoTherm™ Model IC22XT• Suited for use in freezing, chilling or heating biological samples from -20°C to 100°C
• Can run two separate temperatures and two different sample blocks at the same time
• Includes a built-in data logger, 30-day count down timer with alarm, and RS232 interface, making it a good fit for use with robotic systems

Torrey Pines

-90ºC Ultra Low Freezers
Model SC950

-90ºC Ultra Low Freezers Model SC950• Provide low power consumption, low noise level and low operating costs for savings up to $2000/year
• Offer very fast pull down & recovery, low heat rejection, and low CO2 emissions
• Unlike the traditionally used mixed synthetic potent greenhouse gases, Z-Sc1 uses 100% ecological refrigerants
• Feature alarm systems including a phone alert that dials up to five people per setting



siRNA Kit

siRNA Kit Trilencer-27• Contains Dicer-Substrate duplexes
• Provides critical improvements over the use of traditional 21mer siRNA designs
• Offers genome-wide coverage against human, mouse and rat
• Takes advantage of the natural processing by Dicer to produce 10-fold higher potency and specificity than shorter 21mer RNAi forms
• Initiates strong and specific gene silencing


NGS Sample Prep Kits and Reagents

• Enables NGS library preparation in under two hours, less hands-on time than similar kits
• Delivers maximum library yields from less input DNA with minimal bias for better results
• Provides higher genome coverage and more matched reads
• Processes samples of virtually any biological liquid, whole tissue and tissue sections

EMD Millipore

Protein Precipitation Separation Kit

Protein Precipitation Separation Kit Combipack™• Comprises four Porvair p3 protein precipitation plates and four 1ml deep well collection plates (color coded in red or blue polypropylene)
• Provides all the elements users require to undertake protein precipitation separations at an affordable price
• Manufactured to the standard ANSI/SBS footprint, all plates in the Combipack are fully automation compatible

Porvair Sciences

QC Kit
Freedom EVO®

QC Kit Freedom EVO®• Provides a total solution for liquid handling performance verification testing on Freedom EVO® workstations
• Offers precision and accuracy performance verification which is fully traceable to the International System of Units (SI)
• Allows direct comparison of verification testing results between different sites and instruments



Fully Automated Microwave Peptide Synthesizer
Initiator+ Alstra

Fully Automated Microwave Peptide Synthesizer Initiator+ Alstra• A good fit for peptide chemists synthesizing peptides, peptoids, PNA and peptidomimetics, including extremely difficult modifications
• Inherent flexibility for reagent set-up makes it a highly effective platform for both small and large scale synthesis from 5 μmol to 2 mmol
• Features a working volume from as low as 0.6 mL


96-Well SPE Microplate


96-Well SPE MicroplateMicrolute™• Designed to automate solid phase extraction cleanup and analyte enrichment in busy laboratories
• Available with a combination of sorbents to provide a tool for accelerating the SPE methods development process
• Capable of rapidly processing 96 samples in one go repeatedly and precisely
• Will not bend or distort

Porvair Sciences

ELISA System

ELISA System• Based on Tecan’s Freedom EVO® liquid handling technology and the Siloam Biosciences’ OptiMax™ microplate
• Offers rapid, sensitive and specific chemifluorescence-based ELISA procedures using exceedingly small sample volumes
• All reactions, including analyte capture and detection, occur within an ~5 μl microfluidic reaction chamber
• Allows for extremely high sensitivity or very fast assays


Siloam Biosciences

Imaging System for High Content Screening
acumen eX3

Imaging System for High Content Screening acumen eX3• Facilitates rapid, effortless high content imaging
• Allows users to rapidly image whole wells, while maintaining high throughput capabilities
• Improves data quality by using whole well imaging as standard
• Reduces costs through assay miniaturization
• Maintains high throughputs by using simultaneous data capture and analysis

TTP Labtech


Serum Replacement

Serum Replacement PluriQ™• For culturing healthy, undifferentiated human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs)
• Has been shown to maintain healthy cell morphology and normal karyotype in hESCs for at least 20 passages in culture
• Tested for quality, purity and the effective maintenance of pluripotent stem cells over multiple passages


Colony Counter

Colony Counter Scienceware®• Provides a cost effective and accurate way to count colonies of bacteria or other microorganisms grown on an agar plate
• Simple-to-operate device marks, counts, and gives an audible and visual alert each time a count is registered on the digital display
• Reduces the likelihood of error, combining all aspects of counting into one motion

Bel-Art Products

5L Packed-Bed Vessel
CelliGen® BLU

5L Packed-Bed Vessel CelliGen® BLU• The first single-use vessel to incorporate New Brunswick’s proprietary packed-bed impeller system
• Pre-loaded with 150g of Fibra-Cel® disks, and ready to use out of the box
• Customers of New Brunswick’s autoclavable packed-bed impeller have touted the maximum cell densities, product yields, and overall system performance
• Proven successful using both anchorage dependent and suspension cell lines


Chromatography Media
Ni Sepharose™ excel

Chromatography Media Ni Sepharose™ excel• An immobilized metal ion affinity chromatography (IMAC) medium (resin) for the direct capture and purification of secreted histidine-tagged recombinant proteins from eukaryotic cell culture supernatants
• Reduces sample handling prior to purification and therefore increases target protein yield and decreases degradation
• Supports direct loading of large sample volumes

GE Healthcare

Biotinylated Capture Oligonucleotides
xGen™ Lockdown™ Probes

• Designed to enable cost-effective, high depth sequencing and analysis of specific regions of the genome
• Suited to target enrichment and custom panel development, and capture sets can be easily expanded
• Available at three different scales (mini – 2 pmole, standard – 20 pmole, and XL – 200 pmole)
• Provide approximately 5000-fold enrichment

Integrated DNA Technologies

Portable System for Aspiration and Disposal of Biological Waste

Portable System for Aspiration and Disposal of Biological Waste VACUSIP• Features integrated vacuum pump and long-life battery
• Enables aspiration and waste disposal where and when it is needed
• Pump automatically switches on and off according to the vacuum needed for an aspiration task to optimize battery run-time
• Boasts space-saving footprint, silent operation and optimal organization


Pre-Validated Probes for ADME-Tox Studies

• For multiplexed gene expression analysis
• Library of probes has been expanded to include many genes relevant for the investigation of in vitro drug interactions during pre-clinical studies
• Researchers can now select from hundreds of genes and carry out reliable, accurate and costeffective ADME-Tox studies in a range of model systems
• Suited for ‘off-the-shelf’ use


Cell-Culture Aspiration Systems

Cell-Culture Aspiration Systems BVC• Three different designs are available; each with a choice of an autoclavable polypropylene container or a safety-coated glass bottle for bleach resistance
• Designs include the “Basic” version, “Control” version, and “Professional” model
• Provide sensitive and efficient aspiration
• Powered versions are equipped with a VACUUBRAND® chemistrydesign vacuum pump for quiet reliability



Laboratory Data Management System
Matrix Gemini

• Provides a complete laboratory data management capability that combines features that would be expected in either a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) or an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN)
• High configurability allows the solution to be tailored to exact customer needs
• Since it can be configured to fulfill typical ELN functionality, two systems are not needed, thus reducing costs


Multiplex Analysis Automation Software
Image Lab™

• For use with the ChemiDoc™ MP imaging system
• Provides a faster, more accurate alternative for quantifying protein expression levels via western blotting
• Automates total protein normalization of multiplex fluorescent western blots by extracting image data directly from the ChemiDoc MP imager
• Allows researchers to deliver normalized intensities automatically


Spectroscopy Software
KnowItAll® Version 9.5

Spectroscopy Software KnowItAll® Version 9.5• Now offers enhanced ability to visualize results from simultaneous searches from multiple analytical techniques
• Also includes the option to view even more detailed search parameters and include in reports
• Features a choice of algorithm and the ability to include/ exclude known components to improve results
• Allows users to create macros in all analytical techniques


Proteomics Analysis Software
Proteome Discoverer v. 2.0

• Features Protein Metrics’ Byonic™ database search software, adding next-generation capability to streamline analysis of glycopeptides and other post translational modification data
• Simplifies glycoprotein analysis and makes it accessible to a much wider range of scientists
• Provides fast, reliable identification of true positive peptide spectrum matches
• Includes a multi-threaded SEQUEST® search engine

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Instrument Control Software for Hybrid Mass Spectrometer
Q Exactive

• Features new data-independent acquisition (DIA) proteomics capability
• Allows the Q ExactiveTM mass spectrometer to collect MS/MS spectra on virtually all ions in a sample
• Enables the instrument to quantify nearly all detected peptides in the sample in a single run
• DIA data collected on the instrument can be processed with Thermo Scientific Pinpoint software 1.3

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Sample Management Software

Sample Management Software Mosaic™• Provides a fully readable and comprehensive audit trail
• Efficiently tracks and monitors compound and biological collections, reagents and standards within any sample storage or handling system
• Streamlines sample management processes in both large and smaller-scale operations
• Can facilitate 21 CFR, part 11 compliance

Titian Software


Plastic Polymer Additives

• Thirteen in-house synthesized Monophthalates and additional Benzotriazole plastic UV stabilizers now offered
• These standards are single isomer compounds which can be analyzed via straight forward GC/MS methods yielding a single chromatographic peak for each compound
• Complete plastic polymer additive products listing available online


96-Well Plates

• Simplify polymer-based SPE by employing a streamlined 3-step protocol; Load-Wash-Elute
• Reduce processing and method development times without loss of analyte recovery or method robustness
• Design provides a uniform flow in the processing of aqueous samples and eliminates the need to re-run samples due to well-clogging


Non-DEHP Lab Tubing

• Offers a versatile option for medical device assemblies, analytical instruments, food processing, and general laboratory uses
• Transfers liquids, gases, and inorganic chemicals found in lab, paint, pigment, and soap dispensing applications
• Free from leachates that may compromise the transferred material
• Can be used for temperatures ranging from -58 to 165°F (-50 to 73°)


12x32mm Sample Vials
Large Opening R.A.M.™

• Provide reduced volume sample containment for automated sample handling systems
• Features StepVial design–a combination of vial and insert with a 40% larger target area for sampling needles used by autosamplers
• Available in clear or amber Type 1 borosilicate glass with a 9 mm threaded neck finish

J.G. Finneran Associates

Tabless Tube Holder Accessories
Strata® and Strata-X

• Hold SPE tubes in 96-well spacing to integrate with automated systems
• All Strata and Strata-X products are now available in the tabless 1 mL tube format, enabling the user to arrange multiple sorbents within the holders
• Allows users to remove and replace a single SPE tube should they make an error


PEEK® Tubing

• Available in a variety of natural PEEK, solid color coded, dual layer color coded, striped and dash-stripe coded
• Dual Layer Color-Coded eliminates any concern that a critical sample stream could be contaminated by pigments used to color code the tubing
• Pressure performance of Dual Layer tubing is equivalent to single-layer tubing

VICI Valco