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The Right Choice For Analytical Balances

Analytical balances are used to measure mass with a high degree of precision.

by Lee Denton

Analytical balances are used to measure mass with a high degree of precision. These electronic instruments have the ability to record the mass of an object to 0.0001 grams and to express any changes in mass that may occur due to factors such as evaporation. The high sensitivity of analytical balances requires a glass enclosure be used to surround the sample area. This is done so that contaminates or air currents do not affect the sample as it is being measured. Errors in testing can also be caused by static electricity, vibrations, and changes in sample or room temperature. To ensure the equipment is performing accurately, regular calibration is needed. Calibration should be performed any time fluctuations in measurement occur or the balance is moved or unplugged. Analytical balances also offer built-in software that can be used to perform calculations and record results; this is a valuable time saver for lab professionals. Depending on your application and desired outcome, one balance may be preferred over another. We suggest you speak with your analytical balance supplier in order to make the right choice for your research requirements.


Analytical Balances Applications

  • Ideal for weighing small samples where results are needed to 0.1mg or better
  • Frequently, an application involves weighing a sample, then processing it to change its properties, then weighing again
  • Repeatability is a critical factor in using analytical balances
  • Used in laboratories for formulation, analytical chemistry, material testing, quality assurance
  • Found in industries such as food, pharmaceutical, plastics, chemical, and environmental
A&D Weighing GH Series Analytical Balances
The GH series analytical balances from A&D are for users who demand high performance from an analytical balance. Our rear-mounted weighing cell offers the ultimate in stability and protection from static and magnetic samples.
  • Anti-static glass draft shield
  • 5 models to choose from – 0.1mg and 0.01mg resolution
  • Rs232C and WinCT software included as standard
  • 5-year warranty
  • GLP/GMP/ISO compliant
Adam Equipment PW Analytical Balances
The PW delivers speed and accuracy in an easy-to-use, reliable device. Functional design and advanced features make the PW series optimal for laboratory balances. Perform simple or advanced weighing applications without complicated calculations. Durable metal construction and a large backlit dual display give the right balance of speed, performance and value.
  • Three models with 120g to 250g capacities
  • 1mg/0.0001g readability
  • Internal motorized calibration standard
  • RS-232 interface
  • 16 weighing units and eight weighing modes
Mettler Toledo XS205 Analytical Balance
The Excellence XS analytical balance sets new standards in weighing performance. SmartGrid, the revolutionary grid weighing pan, successfully minimizes the effects of turbulence in the weighing chamber. Results are more accurate and stabilization times dramatically shorter.
  • Innovative SmartGrid weigh pan for reduced stabilization times
  • Green Ergoclip accessories to secure any tare container and allow for direct dosing without weigh paper
  • MonoBloc weighing cell provides outstanding measurement precision
  • Rugged design with overload protection as well as easy clean surfaces