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WARNING: Attending Pittcon 2013 May be Hazardous

With such a low price, you will need to find some other outlet on which to spend your budget.

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You Will Experience Budget Problems

With such a low price, you will need to find some other outlet on which to spend your budget.

For only $130, you get unlimited, week-long access to all technical sessions and the exposition floor including all conferenece week amenities.

Discounted Fee (Through February 18, 2013): $130
After February 18: $260

Colleagues Will Start Calling You the "Know it All"

With all the educational opportunties available at Pittcon, you will learn about all the latest discoveries and research. The Technical program offers more than 2,000 technical presentations taught by industry experts covering a wide range of applications and methodologies.

You won't be able to hold back on sharing your new-found knowledge with colleagues, friends and family.

You Will Need to Expand Your Contact List

Networking is one of the main activities happening at Pittcon. You will have many unique opportunities to meet and collaborate with industry experts, colleagues, and world-renown scientists who share your interests. Conferee Networking sessions, mixers, technical sessions and the Employment Bureau are perfect resources for expanding your professional network.

You Might Experience Insomnia

The 2013 Short Course program offers low cost, affordable skill-building training for laboratory professionals at all levels to enhance your current expertise or to get exposure in a new discipline. Courses are offered in 1/2 day to 2-day sessions ranging from beginnner and intermediate, to advanced level.

Thinking of all the ways you will use all these newly developed skills may keep you awake at night.

Get more information on Short Courses.