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2014-15 Product Resource Guide: Shakers and Stirrers

Get fun facts about shakers and stirrers, a list of questions to ask when buying shakers and stirrers, the most recent shaker and stirrer releases, and an updated shaker and stirrer manufacturer's list in this section.

Top 3 Things You May Not Know About Shakers & Stirrers

1. The first hot plate stirrer was patented in 1917 by Richard Stringham of Utah and consisted of stationary electromagnets built into a hotplate base. When a reaction vessel such as a flask or beaker was positioned on the stirrer, a bar magnet placed in the solution rotated as a result of the magnetic field created by the electromagnets.

2. A significant problem of early twentieth century research was the risk of fire from the necessity of heating solutions using a naked flame. This problem was resolved in the 1930s by husband and wife team Glen and Ruth Morey who invented the heating mantle, a reliable and non-flammable heating device with electric resistance wires woven into a fiberglass cloth sheath.

3. The bar magnet used with the first magnetic stirrers was gradually found to be less than ideal, particularly because the iron in the magnet could react with chemicals in the solution and change the course of a reaction. To address this problem, two inventors working independently in the 1940s devised the coated magnetic stirrer bar, which was chemically inert and took no part in the ongoing reaction.

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Recently Released Shakers & Stirrers

Compact Digital Rotator (Cat No. 88880025)

  • Allows users to achieve maximum flexibility and high quality
  • Provides a smooth, quiet orbital mixing/shaking for beakers, flasks, tubes, dishes and more
  • PID control ensures consistent and smooth orbital motion, with digital speed control from 50-300 RPM
  • Can display both current and set RPM simultaneously
  • Timer Range: continuous or one minute to 99 hours 59 minutes

Thermo Fisher Scientific 

ANALYSETTE 18 Heavy Duty Analytical Sieve Shaker

  • ANALYSETTE line includes three well-conceived instruments for every application
  • Makes the work simpler and faster
  • Easy to operate, reliable and long-lasting
  • Includes the modified analysis software, AUTOSIEVE
  • ANALYSETTE 3 PRO and SPARTAN and the ANALYSETTE 18 are for dry, wet and micro-precision sieving from 0.05 g up to 15 kg


EchoTherm Model HS65 Programmable Digital Stirring Hot Plate

  • Includes 5 stirring positions for use in chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental, biochemical, and other laboratories
  • Programming is done through the front panel membrane switch and full-functioned custom liquid crystal display
  • Can store 10 programs in memory of as many as 10 steps each where each step is a temperature, temperature ramp rate (if wanted), stirring speed and time

Torrey Pines Scientific 

Vortex Blend Overhead Stirrer

  • Caters to scientists who need to test new formulations and blends in parallel
  • Offers scientists an efficient, space saving way of performing 3 blending experiments in parallel
  • Benefiting from a 3-way gearbox and integral heating plate—the unit economizes valuable lab space and ensures that parallel experiments have identical stirring rate and heating rate/temperature conditions, thereby improving result reliability


Shaker & Stirrer Manufacturers


Bel-Art Products 

Bibby Scientific 

Boekel Scientific 



Endecotts USA 




Grant Instruments 

Heidolph USA 

IKA Works 

Jeio Tech 


Labnet International 

Labnics Equipment 


Pro Scientific 



Scientific Industries 

Silverson Machines 


Thermo Fisher Scientific 

Torrey Pines Scientific 


UDY Corporation 

Yamato Scientific America