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3 Things to do Before Giving a Promotion

Promotions are useful tools for recognizing, rewarding and motivating hard-working employees. Read the following tips to help you decide whether the promotion will be effective and deserving.

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Giving an employee a promotion is a great way to recognize and reward him/her for hard work. Whether the employee is proving his/her worth and you think he/she deserves a higher title, or whether you think the employee could use a challenge, promoting employees tells them their work is being recognized and sends the message to other employees that if they keep up the good work, the same fate can befall them as well.

But before handing out promotions left and right, consider the following suggestions to make sure your next move is the right one.

1. Assess current performance. Make sure the employee will be able to do the job to which you're promoting him/her. Try to determine whether aspects of the employee's current position will make him/her a good fit for a higher position, and whether or not the employee will be able to handle it.

2. Make sure there is a match. Consider whether the new job is one the employee will enjoy doing. Someone can be good at something, but take no pleasure or satisfaction in it.

3. Experiment beforehand. Execute a test and give the employee an assignment that includes tasks and responsibilities that are similar to those that will be expected of him/her in the new position. This can help you determine whether the employee's abilities are up to par.