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Biotage Responds to CEM Press Release

by Biotage
CEM Corporation, a competitor of Biotage (STO: BIOT), recently published a press release claiming to have won a “patent dispute” with Biotage. The so called “patent dispute” relates to Biotage’s filing of opposition against certain patents of CEM in Europe* (Germany, France, Italy and Great Britain) and Japan, because Biotage believes that the patents as originally granted give CEM a broader protection than CEM is entitled to.

Optimizing Evaporation Conditions of Reversed-Phase Prep HPLC Fractions

by Biotage
The V-10 Rapid Solvent Evaporator quickly evaporates reversed-phase prep HPLC fractions using a pre-set method. However, when evaporating Acetonitrile-containing fractions, the Acetonitrile (MeCN) will sometimes evaporate too quickly causing an issue with product yield.