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Articles by Joe Liscouski

Automating Sample Preparation

by Joe Liscouski
Sample preparation can be a labor-intensive and expensive process. What are the factors that should be considered when evaluating the possible transition from manual to semi-automated or fully automated systems? How do they impact your return on investment?

Accessing Instrument Data in the Digital Era

by Joe Liscouski
In the digital era, data is tied to the instrument’s data system, unlike before when an instrument could change but users could still access its data in paper charts and notebooks. That means that in today’s world, careful planning is needed in order to avoid data system changes that can impact access to important instrument data.

Integrating Systems

by Joe Liscouski
With the architectual basis for integration still undeveloped, users must focus on their own requirements.

Game Changer

by Joe Liscouski
Lab automation projects have become cooperative activities between lab and IT groups. This is part of the evolution of lab systems.

Who Are the Players on Your Lab Automation Team?

by Joe Liscouski
In order to be successful, a company needs to build a lab automation team that takes advantage of the skills of different groups. This article looks at how the work involved in lab automation programs can be managed by a team.

Automating Science

by Joe Liscouski
We have moved past the point where general computer, word processing, and spreadsheet skills are a reasonable basis for competence in a modern laboratory.