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Articles by Pamela Ahlberg

Tech Savvy

by Pamela Ahlberg
This month’s issue looks at a number of technology developments having an ever greater impact on scientific research. 

Think Again

by Pamela Ahlberg
Having discussed “green” laboratory initiatives in every April issue of Lab Manager for the past four years, one might think there would be nothing new to say on the subject. But think again.

New Game Plans

by Pamela Ahlberg
Welcome to Lab Manager’s first issue of 2016, in which we look at a number of challenges and changes facing today’s lab managers.


by Pamela Ahlberg
With the holidays upon us, most are looking forward to enjoying time away from the lab or office with friends and family.

What's in Your Future?

by Pamela Ahlberg
Traditional laboratories—small, separate rooms with not much light and few amenities—began their  transformation more than a decade ago. The consensus was that researchers working in isolation or within a single, narrow discipline fostered neither creativity nor innovation.

Off Course

by Pamela Ahlberg
Last month I took a mini vacation to Northern New Mexico, a place I fell in love with years ago when I drove from my home state of California to New York after college. Taos and the surrounding area offer some of the most enchanting landscapes I’ve ever seen.