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COVID-19 Tools & Techniques Resource Guide

COVID-19 Tools & Techniques Resource Guide

Research groups around the world are racing to develop diagnostic tests and vaccines to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. The use of established methods is accelerating this process. While PCR is being used as a molecular assay to detect SARS-CoV-2 in patient samples, assays like ELISA are being used to evaluate the efficacy and safety of COVID-19 vaccines. In this eBook, learn more about how these techniques are being used and the latest advancements in COVID-19 diagnostic tests and vaccines.

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 In this eBook you will learn: 

  • Advantages of using qPCR for clinical assays
  • Recent developments in COVID-19 diagnostic testing
  • Methods used to evaluate the efficacy and safety of vaccines
  • Current COVID-19 vaccine efforts

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Assays, Kits, & Reagents

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It is very important to purchase assays, kits, and reagents from trusted sources, as the experiments conducted will only be as good as the components in these products

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