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Assays, Kits, & Reagents

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Assays, Reagents, and Antibodies

Assays, kits, and reagents are used in many different life science, environmental, and research labs. Assay kits have become very important in providing the materials needed to conduct specific tests that require complex or hard-to-develop components like enzymes, antibodies, genomics, and cells. It is very important to purchase assays, kits, and reagents from trusted sources, as the experiments conducted will only be as good as the components in these products.

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In this eBook, you’ll learn about: 

  • Questions to ask when buying assays, kits, and reagents
  • How to make your antibodies work for your lab
  • Antibody generation and validation
  • Efficiency, reliability, and possible danger in protein quantification
  • Automating cell culture for therapeutic monoclonal antibody development

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