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Cover Story |  Volume 17 - Issue 1  |  January/February 2022

A Guide to Successful Change Management

A five-step process to effectively implement change in the lab


Business Management

An illustration of one scientist looking at a curved arrow with a magnifying glass, while another sits cross-legged and works on a laptop.

A Guide to Successful Change Management

A five-step process to effectively implement change in the laboratory

Transferring knowledge and information or skill teaching concept image.

Succession Planning: Best Practices for Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge transfer is an important yet often overlooked component of succession plans

Labs Less Ordinary

Scientists wearing regular clothes work on instrumentation in the the National Polymer Innovation Center.

Helping Labs Solve Tough Material Science Challenges

University of Akron’s National Polymer Innovation Center helps industry leaders and labs understand next-gen materials and build new products

Leadership and Staffing

female leader sitting at desk listening and looking at someone else not pictured

Finding Your Leadership Style for the Lab

Taking a purposeful approach to identifying your leadership style can help you adapt and evolve in your role

Lab Design and Furnishings

Young, happy woman presenting her idea to colleagues in a meeting.

Leading a Lab Design Team

Nurture the talents of individual team members to build trust and strengthen outcomes

Lab Health and Safety

Two scientists wearing lab coats and masks fill out forms on a clipboard in the lab.

The Leader’s Role in Setting an Example for Lab Safety

Lab managers need to be persistent role models of proper safety practices to ensure staff follow suit

Ask the Expert

Green plastic pellets on a white background.

Finding Better Ways to Recycle Plastics

Chemical recycling methods and the development of novel polymers can have a significant impact on global plastic waste


Teal molecular structure on black background.

Polymers for Bioelectronic Applications

Polymers are being engineered for diverse products in our daily lives

Product Focus

A 3D render of a monoclonal antibody (mAb or moAb), which is an antibody made by cloning a unique white blood cell.

How to Make Your Antibodies Work for Your Lab

Not all antibodies work. Learn how to optimize them

Ground beef or cultured artificial meat isolated on laboratory blue background.

Cell Culture Applications in the Food and Beverage Industry

Many foods and beverages might one day come from labs instead of farms

Cells on scientific background.

Purchasing Tips When Searching for a Flow Cytometer

Analyzing the costs, features, and footprint of flow cytometers

Rotor and stator of a vacuum pump being handled with nitrile gloves.

Simple Tips to Keep Your Lab Vacuum Pump Running at Its Best

Because vacuum pumps are such a crucial part of many labs, it's essential to keep this equipment in top shape

Innovations In

Orange solution in three three flasks with chemical structure in the background.

Innovations in Analytical Chemistry

A few of the 2022 Pittcon award winners describe the advancements their teams are making in analytical chemistry