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Image of hands typing on a laptop computer. Headline reads "Crafting Effective Business Case Documents" with the subheading "SUPPORT INVESTMENT PROPOSALS WITH A CLEAR STORY SUPPORTED BY THE NUMBERS"

Cover Story |  Volume 18 - Issue 9  |  November 2023

Crafting Effective Business Case Documents

Support investment proposals with a clear story supported by the numbers


Management Tips

Lab manager fields questions from a staff member

Three Keys to Asking Good Questions to Improve the Lab

Powerful questions to help staff think differently about how to solve problems

Business Management

Man uses a laptop in the lab

Crafting Effective Business Case Documents

Support investment proposals with a clear story supported by the numbers

Service provider and lab manager negotiate a contract

Optimizing Service Contracts for Laboratories

A comprehensive guide for decision-makers

Technician troubleshoots lab equipment

Looking Beyond Routine Lab Equipment Maintenance

The right partner will work with you to develop an equipment maintenance strategy

Labs Less Ordinary

Two USP scientists work at a workstation

A New Lab Is Helping the Pharmaceutical Industry Safely Adopt New Workflows

The USP's Advanced Manufacturing Technology lab can help you safely move to a methodology that better fits your lab

Asset Management

Equipment in a laboratory

How to Commission New Lab Equipment

Steps to ensure a smooth equipment commissioning process

Leadership and Staffing

Illustration of a lab manager connecting two people with a jigsaw puzzle piece, depicting conflict resolution

A Guide for Conflict Resolution

Communication is at the heart of dealing with nearly all sources of conflict

Lab Design and Furnishings

Lab planners view a 3D render of a building

Enhanced Perspectives: How Visualization Tools Can Shape the Future of Lab Design

Visualization demonstrations allow key stakeholders to participate in design decisions

Lab Health and Safety

A ransacked, dilapidated lab

How to Protect Your Assets Using Scenario Planning

Why risk your most precious research and products?

Ask the Expert

Scientists in a lab discuss equipment maintenance

How a Computerized Maintenance Management System Can Benefit Your Lab

CMMS platforms handle all the data associated with asset maintenance, saving lab managers time and effort

Product Focus

Scientist uses a chromatograph

Ensuring Effective Maintenance with a Chromatography Data System

CDS programs can play a vital role in ensuring consistency and efficiency in your chromatography research

Scientist uses LIMS software

Leveraging ELNs and LIMS to Optimize Asset Management

Lab notebooks and information management systems can improve asset traceability, scheduling, and maintenance

Scientist uses an environmental monitoring system

Why Your Environmental Monitoring System is Failing

A healthy EMS requires reliable infrastructure, high-quality hardware, and comprehensive staff training

Instruments on a lab bench

Making Smart Decisions around Pre-Owned Lab Equipment

Addressing common hesitancies when shopping the pre-owned marketplace