Lab Health and Safety

New Lab Safety Rules for Protecting Workers

The question of permitting lab employees to work alone with dangerous materials and equipment has raised serious questions of whether prohibiting the practice would impede academic freedom

How to Safely Handle Compressed Gas Cylinders

Compressed gas accidents occur too frequently and usually produce serious consequences.

Research-Specific Labs

Iowa State University’s ATHENA Lab Helps Improve Human Engineering

Iowa State University’s ATHENA Lab is all about helping people work better

Business Management

Laboratory QA Programs: New Challenges and Opportunities

With a myriad of laboratory testing services available in today’s market, quality is the feature that customers value most and which sets one lab above the others. 

Buying Lab Supplies Could Drastically Change with High-tech Advancements

Consumers have come to expect a higher standard of variety, pricing options, and customer service in the Internet age.

Leadership and Staffing

Hiring Practices in Life Sciences Shift in Response to Changing Workforce

The labor market has seen a sharp increase in the number of free agents who choose to operate independently, moving as desired from job to job.

Laboratory Technology

Sean Kaufman: How to Safely Use a Biosafety Cabinet

It's with an eye toward protection that laboratories have turned to employing the use of biosafety cabinets.

June 2016 Technology News

The latest equipment, instruments, and system introductions to the laboratory market.

GC-MS on the Go

Portable technology remains as rugged, reliabile, fast, and easy as ever.


Raman Spectroscopy: New Approaches for Clinical Diagnostics

Raman spectroscopy opens new approaches in clinical diagnostics for many medical conditions.

Contaminated Environmental Samples: New Methods to Extract and Analyze

Technological advances have enabled us to analyze increasingly lower concentrations of chemicals

Ask the Expert

Rich Brown on Microanalytical Sample Prep Trends

Rich Brown is an executive director and scientist at MVA Scientific Consultants in Duluth, Georgia.

Developments in Computational Imaging Techniques

Aydogan Ozcan, PhD,  talks to contributing editor Tanuja Koppal, PhD, about his fascinating journey bringing computational imaging into microscopy.

Product Focus

Analyzing Life Science Samples, HILIC May Increase Sensitivity 1,000X

When working with highly polar compounds, HILIC tends to be the best choice for separation

Ultrasonic Liquid Processor Features That Matter Most

To lyse cells, purify proteins, or develop nanotechnology, scientists and technologists often turn to ultrasonic liquid processors.

Replacing Fume Hood Ducts with Filters Offers Newfound Freedom

Today’s fume hood world features many options, including filtered hoods

Purchasing a Viscometer: What Are the Deciding Factors?

Wherever there are materials that flow, there will likely be a viscometer nearby to ensure the quality and efficiency of the material.


What Do Users Look for in a pH Meter?

Find out our readers’ ten most desired features and more from our latest survey results.

What You Need to Know When Buying an Evaporator

Find out how readers use this technology and more from the latest evaporator survey results.

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How it Works

How Two-Phase Pressure Control for Reactors Works

Problem: Chemists and other researchers use lab-scale reactors to optimize catalysts and study reaction kinetics.

How to Improve Lab Safety While Saving Energy and Money

Maintaining a safe environment and streamlining operational costs are two top priorities for laboratories. Through energy efficient incentives and programs, labs are now able to take advantage of energy saving solutions without compromising lab safety or productivity.