Business Management

How Project Management Techniques Can Improve Research

Without established timelines or performance measures by which to track progress, it can feel like you are constantly racing against time and funding to produce results.

Lab Services: What's Best for Your Business?

As instruments became more reliable and cost reduction mandates sweep through labs, managers begin to seek less costly alternatives

How to Ensure Compatibility When Buying Pre-Owned

Simple steps to reduce the risk of compatibility issues arising post purchase

Increase Transparency for Your Lab's Products and Services

Industry survivors must embrace shifting paradigms in order to remain competitive in the private sector

Research-Specific Labs

What Will a Lab on Mars Be Like?

A lab on Mars would be essential to future manned missions and the search for life

Leadership and Staffing

Creating a Positive Lab Culture

Along with hiring the right people, creating a good work environment is also required to help foster and maintain a solid workplace culture

Laboratory Technology

Open Data: Challenges and Opportunities

The challenges and opportunities of open data for the future of science and technology

Lab Health and Safety

Managing Laboratory Noise

Many areas within laboratories and especially research facilities are inherently noisy. Exposure to loud noise for long enough periods can result in permanent loss of hearing.


Protecting Foods from Pesticides

Those applying pesticides and producing foods that have been treated with pesticides must follow specific rules

Selecting the Right Cell Culture Media

Cell culture media fuel modern life sciences research. Whether the objective is cell-based assays, antibody production, or virus replication, the medium is a make-or-break component

Ask the Expert

Mojca Strazisar on the Challenges in Sample Prep Workflows

Mojca Strazisar is an expert scientist at the Genomic Service Facility in the VIB-UAntwerp Center for Molecular Neurology, with a focus on genomics technologies.

Vinka Oyanedel-Craver and Tahei Tahara on New Applications for Molecular Spectroscopy

Some of the challenges associated with fast, real-time testing, comprehensive analysis of samples, and post-processing of the data do exist but continue to be addressed with improvements in the technology.

Product Focus

How to Use Less Solvents in Sample Prep

Solventless sample preparation methods have been applied to a variety of sample types

Flow Cytometry for Detecting Rare Cells

Flow cytometry has been instrumental in the discovery of rare cells and in understanding how they differ from more abundant cells. 

Maintaining Your Lab's Cold Chain

Refrigerators and freezers are integral pieces of equipment in many research and clinical labs.

Refractometers: Secrets of Accurate Measurement

Many factors can negatively affect accuracy in refractometry; the secret is to eliminate them


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How it Works

How an Upright Liquid Nitrogen Freezer Works

Frozen storage of biological materials has become an essential activity in many laboratories

How a Reagent Dispensing Solution Works

From a safety standpoint, the current methods for transferring reagents risk spills, waste, contamination of the bottle contents, or in the case of glass ampoules, pose a risk from broken glass and sharp edges.