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Cover of Lab Manager March 2023 Digital Edition. Background image contains image of cells, text reads 'How Spatial Biology will Change the Future' with subtitle 'From neuroscience to agrobiology, spatial biology has the potential to revolutionize cell research

Cover Story |  Volume 18 - Issue 2  |  March 2023

How Spatial Biology Will Change the World

From neuroscience to agrobiology, spatial biology has the potential to revolutionize cell research


Management Tips

Hematology laboratory with centrifuges and work benches

Three Keys to Acquiring New Instruments

How to develop a process to be more successful with capital purchases


Microscopic image of maize

How Spatial Biology Will Change the Future

From neuroscience to agrobiology, spatial biology has the potential to revolutionize cell research

Gloved hand holds a flask in a lab

An Overview of Ultrasensitive Trace Metal Analysis

Advanced techniques overcome challenges with ultra-low detection levels

Business Management

Group of business people standing in hall, smiling and talking together

Improving Your Internal, External, and Virtual Networking Skills

A mindset and methodologies anyone can adopt to become more effective at networking

Colleagues look for a lab consultant online

Why, When, and How to Hire a Lab Consultant

Exploring what lab consultants can offer and red flags to look for

Man writes on a virtual screen that holds compliance information

Managing the Integrity of Data

Lab managers must refocus their efforts on managing data due to increased regulatory agency activity

Asset Management

Lab manager shakes hand with a sales representative

Effectively Negotiating New Equipment Purchases

Successful negotiation entails preparation, research, and flexibility

Leadership and Staffing

Woman points at sticky notes on whiteboard with colleagues around her

The Impact of Positive Leadership

Rather than simply "being nice," positive leadership means driving accountability, engagement, and productivity

Lab Design and Furnishings

Female scientist works at a lab bench

The Origins of San Diego's Thriving Life Science Ecosystem

San Diego's rich history of scientific research sets stage for innovative lab design

Lab Health and Safety

Human body made out of connected molecules

How to Apply a Human Body Model to Safety

This intuitive approach demonstrates empathy and puts the focus on us, not the external hazards

Ask the Expert

illustration of stick figure climbing up a ladder

How Career Development Plans Contribute to Staff Retention

Three management experts discuss the importance of crafting career development plans with staff and how this influences retention rates

Product Focus

Scientist looks at reagent inventory

Tips for Choosing the Best Reagents

Knowing how and where to get reagents can save time and money while improving output

Two young researchers carrying out experiments in a lab

The Importance of Liquid Chromatography to the Pharmaceutical Industry

Effective application of separation science contributes to a smarter, risk-based approach to pharmaceutical research and quality

Two safety inspectors in hard hats and safety vests use a laptop in a laboratory

The Five Attributes of Effective Laboratory Risk Management Software

A good RMS should be scalable, customizable, multi-dimensional, intuitive, and comprehensive

3D render of a cell

Advances in Mass Spectrometry-Based Proteomics

New technologies strive to enhance throughput, quantitation, and data quality