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Business Management

Management's Role in Laboratory Automation

Just what should management be doing? For starters, setting the guidelines and expectations for project development.

Door in a brick wall, opening to a blue sky with clouds

Open Innovation Becoming Key to R&D Success

A new trend in product introduction matches technical needs with technical solutions from external sources.

Leadership and Staffing

Effective Presentations for Chemists and Other Scientists

Boost your career with the skills to develop and deliver a polished presentation.

Laboratory Technology

Considerations in Choosing an FT-IR Imaging System

Considerations in Choosing an FT-IR Imaging System

FT-IR imaging is a powerful tool for materials characterization.

How it Works

How a Better Way to Break up Samples Works

Many tissue homogenizers cause bottlenecks in the workflow of a biology laboratory. This is largely due to the common one-tip design, which breaks up samples either by mechanical shearing or sonication.