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Lab Design and Furnishings

Next-Generation Laboratories

New open-plan labs are meeting the need for more customized lab settings, including the ability to modify bench setup and support areas as needs change and increase interaction among researchers–now seen as preconditions for scientific breakthroughs.

Tomorrow's Labs Today

Pressure to improve laboratory efficiencies, reduce environmental impact and accommodate a myriad of advanced technologies is driving remarkable achievements in research facility design.

Leadership and Staffing

Active Listening

There are several ways to enhance listening effectiveness, especially when engaged in a complex or emotional exchange. A fundamental technique is active listening. 

Writing in a Second Language

Today's laboratory workforce includes an increasing number of scientists, engineers and technicians for whom English is a second language. Writing in a second language poses challenges for them. How can laboratory managers help these professionals improve their written communication skills?

Free Agents on the Move

Human capital is one of the keys to success in any industry. It is especially important to scientific industries such as pharmaceutical, where knowledge is the name of the game. It continues to be an important focus for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies seeking to develop strategies to attract, develop and retain top talent.

Laboratory Technology

Life Online

As sites and tools for online networking and collaboration evolve, they are gaining a permanent place in most laboratories and businesses.

Integrated Service

An integrated service delivery model pulls together the benefit of on-site, high-caliber resources with the administrative and operational back-office efficiencies to manage services across all of a labs systems.

Technology News - 2009 Pittcon Preview

The latest equipment, instrument and system introductions to the laboratory market at Pittcon 2009.

Business Management

Required Maintenance

A proactive maintenance program demonstrates compliance, keeps audits moving forward and can increase productivity and profitability.

8 Steps to Writing an SOP

8 Steps to Writing an SOP

The SOP development process is an excellent way for managers, workers, and technical advisers to cooperate for everyone's benefit. 

Lab Health and Safety

Ventilation Strategies

Truly constant volume laboratory ventilation systems are almost obsolete, but there is a wide range of “nearly constant” systems that respond in steps to users’ activities and needs. These systems, sometimes called two-state or two-position constant volume systems, offer many options to ventilation designers.

How it Works

How Supercritical Fluid Extraction Works

Extraction of oils and flavors from natural products is traditionally accomplished with either organic solvents or by steam distillation. Both of these methods have significant drawbacks.

How Multi-Tasking in Microplate Format Works

Scientists working in microplate format can go through several wash/dispense cycles in the course of their application.

Computing and Automation

Validating Processes

Validation project management software offers a uniform method for managing projects, documentation and data.