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Cover Story |  Volume 4 - Issue 9  |  November 2009

The Next Level

Third annual salary survey. Wages, Corporate culture...


Leadership and Staffing

Movin' Up

With a good strategy and excellent execution, lab managers can take their careers to the next level, increasing their job satisfaction and fattening their wallets as well.


The Third Annual Salary and Employee Satisfaction Survey

Thanks to the more than 1,200 lab professionals who participated in this years annual survey, we highlight some interesting new data regarding base salaries, salary incentives, total cash compensation, equity-based compensation, benefits practices and overall job satisfaction. The survey also delves more deeply into questions concerning life/work balance, job security, and professional development opportunities.

Salary and Job Satisfaction by Region

According to salary survey respondents from four different regions around the country, it seems that a majority of science professionals are very satisfied with their current positions.

Science Matters: Employees are Satisfied but Organizations Still Look to Improve.

The results of the 2009 Lab Manager Kelly Scientific Third Annual Salary and Employee Satisfaction Survey are in and, somewhat surprising, a majority of the participants have stated that they are content with their current employment situations.

Lab Design and Furnishings

Scientists are from Mars, Designers are from Venus

Scientists and designers need to appreciate the differences each brings to the design process.

Laboratory Technology

Supplying High-Purity Gases

Selecting the most effective source for high-purity gases is a critical issue for laboratory managers. In-house generation of gases offers the following advantages: gases are continually provided; it is not necessary to replace tanks on a periodic basis; less energy is required to supply gas, since tank gas or liquid nitrogen requires distillation of air and transportation of tanks to the final point of use.

Metrohm USA Titrators for Moisture Analysis

Autostart function begins moisture analysis as soon as sample is introduced.

November 2009 Technology News

The latest equipment, instrument and system introductions to the laboratory market.

Research-Specific Labs

Perspective On: A Contract Lab

Contract labs perform scientific research and testing on one or more components of projects for external clients. Contracts can last anywhere from only a few weeks for a single, specific task to many years for extended projects. Taylor Technology Inc., a subsidiary of PharmaNet Development Group Inc., is a drug development contract research organization focused on bioanalysis, the measurement of potentially new chemicals or molecular entities (new treatments) in biological samples.

Business Management

Constructive Feedback

Providing feedback to your suppliers allows them to make immprovements and react to market demands.

Lab Health and Safety

Keeping Safety in Sight

Vision is one of our most precious senses. Injuries can lead to long-term problems or permanent disability. With the cost and performance of today's safety eyewear, the risk for potential injury is a price not worth paying.

How it Works

How it Works: Accelerated, Prep-Free Mercury Analysis

The determination of mercury has become a routine test in many analytical laboratories.

How it Works: Alleviating Acetonitrile Supply Issues

Acetonitrile costs have soared by 6 to 8 times since the summer of 2008 due to a global shortage of this key chromatography solvent.